Friday, December 30, 2011

It's Graduation!

For three days in a row, I have been rushing to campus in the afternoon for graduation ceremonies.

university of melbourne graduation bear

Was expecting to graduate with my peers; that did not materialise because I wasn't able to graduate in time. I am cool with that, I am going to obtain my award eventually. I performed academically, as eyes are on me. I know who I am, with a scholarship award bestowed on me I cannot disappoint any of you.

Choosing to take Marine Phytoplankton of Australia has delayed my graduation but it was worth it. Learning a subject involving classification of living things took me to a different world from the usual medical based subjects in my third year; saving the subject for last really made the subject a memorable one.

I can graduate in time had I taken Marine Phytoplankton before I attempted my third year, but I would have felt clueless instead of brimming with confidence after going through thick and thin with tough biochemistry subjects.

There is no right or wrong time to take university subjects. Just make sure you know enough beforehand to handle it.

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