Thursday, December 29, 2011

NCG 2011 debate day 1

It was the winter holidays between semesters! There were a fews events up so I took the opportunity to attend them. The first one was National Conference and Games 2011 Debating Competition organised by Malaysian Students' Council of Australia (MASCA).

It was held at Malaysian Melbourne Hall.

time placard
They needed timekeeper so I volunteered to be one.

tasmania debate Malaysia
The debates were run as Parliamentary debates. When a speaker is speaking, opponents can raise points of information. Proposer for the motion was named "Government".

Opponent to the motion was named "Opposition".

What was interesting was that whenever I became timekeeper for a match involving the Tasmania team, Tasmania would win. The opposite is true. LOL.

hi clarice chan from tasmania
Say hi to Malaysian students from other Australia states! This is Clarice Chan from University of Tasmania.

More happenings of NCG 2011 debate tomorrow!

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