Sunday, February 27, 2011

DMG Mori Seiki Technology Centre opening at Glenmarie

Was so geared up knowing about opening of a new technology centre of DMG-Mori Seiki at Glenmarie, Shah Alam. I'm sure many of you are unfamiliar with the name. DMG (from Germany) produces machines that are used to make automobile/aerospace parts and is now in a joint venture with Japanese company Mori Seiki.

DMG Mori Seiki technology centre opening Mukhriz Mahathir

Also, thanks to my uncle for bringing me there.

This company produces one of the most advanced machines for metalworking.

CNC control panel
Control panel of a CNC machine. You input the program you've written for the machine to run here. The program instructs the machine based on numerical information called computer numerical control (CNC).

CNC lathe
This is a lathe. The workpiece can be spun at high speed or you can choose to rotate the tool instead.

The sheer size of the machine! Workbench occupies a small part of it. Also included with the machine is a tool magazine that enables the machine to change tool as needed.

Workbench inside a CNC machine with coolant on. With a 5-axis coordinate system you can create anything you desire by selectively removing metal from your starting material (usually a metal block lol)

Various tools for various applications. All of them are installed on a spindle and rotated at high speed.

Let's check out the finished product shall we?

Imma so impressed that a Mobius strip can be carved. Quiz: what's the properties of a Mobius strip?

Don't forget to camwhore with a hot chick! Her company is selling machining coolants.

That was a fruitful visit to the precision manufacturing industry. Without the industry, you won't be enjoying the car you drive or boarding a plane because machine parts must be highly customisable and accurately made.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Biomedical animator Drew Barry at TEDxCaltech: Visualization of Biology and Complex Circuits

Drew Barry produces awesome 3D cartoons of molecules involved in the processes of life. Instead of dwelling in endless lines of texts and descriptions, why not have a complete look at those cuties as things are happening? Because the best way to understand a thing is to see it.

From the video description:
Drew Berry is a biologist-animator whose scientifically accurate and aesthetically rich visualizations elucidate cellular and molecular processes for a wide range of audiences. Trained as a cell biologist and microscopist, Drew brings a rigorous scientific approach to each project, immersing himself in relevant research to ensure current data are represented. His three- and four-dimensional renderings of key concepts such as cell death, tumor growth, and DNA packaging, capture molecular shape, scale, behavior, and spatiotemporal dynamics. His groundbreaking animations of DNA replication, translation, and transcription enlighten both scientists and the scientifically curious. Drew received B.Sc. (1993) and M.Sc. (1995) degrees from the University of Melbourne. Since 1995, he has been a biomedical animator at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. His animations have appeared in exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum, the Royal Institute of Great Britain, and the University of Geneva. In 2010 he was named a MacArthur Fellow.

Why not check out his other works?

DNA packaging + replication



You don't need to know science to be impressed by the videos. Just click and watch them!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reminiscence of Jewel in the Palace

Way before we know of big names in K-pop like SNSD, Super Junior, After School to hit our shores, we were in the Korean drama fever. Half a decade ago, I guess.

Nothing has been more epic than Jewel in the Palace/Dae Jang Geum. Starring Lee Young-ae as Seo Jang-geum.

Or you may be more interested in the ending theme song:

The catchy theme song is written in archaic Korean (I don't know that!). It sends Koreans today perplexed during its debut. Turns out that the theme song belongs to a genre of Korean traditional music which is heavy and sad.

Try using Google translate to make sense of the lyric actually make no sense. It's not intelligible to Koreans nowadays.

오나라 오나라 아주오나
o na la o na la a ju o na
가다라 가다라 아주가나
ka da la ka da la a ju ga na
나나니 다려도 못노나니
na na ni da lyeo do mok no na ni
아니리 아니리 아니노네
a ni li a ni li a ni no ne
헤이야 디이야 헤이야나라 니노
he I ya di i ya he I ya na la ni no
오지도 못하나 다려가마
o ni do mok ha na da lyeo ga ma

English translation:
If you are asked to come, come, would you really come?
If you are asked to leave, leave, would you really leave?
Even if I wait forever, yet we cannot be together.
No. No. Again, it is no.
(Refrain of the song, no meaning)
Since you cannot even come, would you take me then.
(Refrain of the song, no meaning)
Since you cannot even come, would you take me then.

What is the setting (time, social, physical) of the Korean drama Jewel in the Palace? I leave that for you to find out :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Life and Times of Kit Siang

Lim Kit Siang, a veteran in the Malaysian political scene, is now celebrating his 70th birthday.

I was fortunate to meet him in Melbourne during a Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia event with his son. As a youngster who joked about being a politician, he lived a live of purpose and may God continue to add years to his life to let him reap the fruit that he sow.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Quoting Cao Cao living in the era of Three Kingdoms China: "Circumstances make heroes out of people." Uncle Kit was born in the times of political turmoil but he didn't merely observe the changes. Just as Cao Cao has said, it is unfortunate to be born in times like this but to be the person who reunify and bring peace again to the land is of greater significance.

The office of the Opposition leader in the British parliament is called His/Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. I must say Lim Kit Siang has played his role as a loyal opposition well, contributing selflessly to the cause of justice. He has endured hard times, but his fighting spirit lives on today.

Who else will there be another legend in Malaysian politics?

Scratching the bone to treat poisoning

To know the history of China during the Three Kingdoms era has never been better through drama series. Scenes I enjoy are magnificent fields with large amount of soldiers with loud battle cry - they're simply breathtaking.

Guan Yu

Those who enjoy reading Romance of the Three Kingdoms or watching a drama adaptation of it should know who's Guan Yu. We call him Guan Gong as a sign of respect.

On one of the episodes I saw Guan Yu offered himself to battle the enemy hero. During the course of the battle, the enemy hero used a shady tactic - fired an arrow in a compromised position. The arrow hit Guan Yu's left arm.

Back to his camp, he pulled the arrow out by force himself (painful!) and the wound healed.

Another day, he moved his arm forcefully and felt intense pain on his arm. Hua Tuo, hearing that a hero has injured himself, came over to offer his consultation. His diagnosis was: there is venom applied to the tip of the arrow. The venom has reached the bone, so a surgery was necessary to scratch off affected bones in order to fully treat the condition.

Here comes the drama!

Hua Tuo: I will cut open the flesh of your left arm to reach your [humerus], scratch off the venom, and joint the flesh back. But before that I'll need to cover your eyes first, so that you'll not be shocked by what you see.

Guan Yu: You don't need to do that. You can continue with your surgery while I'm focusing on my game of chess.

The physician ordered a basin to receive the blood. He continued on his surgery without anesthesia, scratching off fragments of affected bone (left humerus to be exact). Guan Yu (the patient) continued on his game of chess, never giving a scream of pain.

What's interesting, Guan Yu didn't have the sight of his arm undergoing surgery but what happened to the other person who played chess with him? The experience would have scared the shit outta him.

After the surgery....

The physician bandaged the wound and advised Guan Yu not to move his arm for three days. Disregarding the medical advice, he tried moving his arm and felt no pain, and said,

"My arm is as flexible as it was. You really are a godlike doctor!"

The physician replied, "All my life of treating my patients I have never seen one like you. You really are a god!"

The scene above is the famous incident of Scratching the bone to treat the venom 刮骨疗毒.

Who's Hua Tuo? He's the first person to perform surgery in the Chinese world and also the inventor of anesthesia. These may not sound amazing to us in the modern age, but imagine this person invented it in the era of Three Kingdoms (circa 220 A.D.)! In the West, the first anesthetic didn't exist until the early 1800 A.D.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Hottest lyricless Chinese song 忐忑

An update before I set off for Melbourne to resume my studies.

In Facebook, I watched the video above. I thought the young girl was singing some random syllables with the tune. But it was funny enough, I thought.

But who knows when the song was performed on stage I had to change my opinion - the song must have a legendary origin!

The original singer of the song is an opera soprano. The song is composed by the singer's husband and most interestingly, has no lyric!

To sing a cover of the song, you can try your best to know it's so hard to sing! The song is said to be epic godlike lol.

See you when I touched down on Australia!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A CNC industrial feast teaser

A beautiful man-made waterfall seen through a glass. Wonder why the water is milky?

Assorted tools for your needs.

The best part was the chocolate cake!

What was happening? Stay tuned for more!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Intel Visual Dreams Robotaki remix

I'm impressed by this remix of both audio and video and decided that it's worthy to be shared to all! Enjoy.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A piece of mind

The pace of life is slowly getting unbearably rapid as the century goes on, till no one can no longer catch it. There'll be new things everyday. A lifetime cannot contain the contents of the sea of knowledge, what's more we are filling the sea everyday.


Biopolymath sunset sea Mornington Peninsula

Everyday is filled with unreasonable demands, like what a student of Chinese independent school faces. Parallel class system is making them gasping but they don't get to catch a breath to go on, homework is getting unbearable, there's not even time for originality. Some has taken the shortcut. Indeed there are people who can help with homework, but I cannot do the homework for you, your schoolwork is after all, your pride and your right.

To score high there'll always be weapons for bonus, but isn't there something wrong? There's nothing wrong about the work, but something is amiss on the principality. You can always come up with the best gun to defeat your enemy, but do you have the skill level necessary to wield the gun? The best gun deals the most damage to your foe, but if it backfires due to your lack of skill you'll be the one taking the greatest beating.

Taking the cookie cutter approach will make you NOT BEING YOURSELF.

South Gippsland Highway Victoria Australia


It all began with the wife refusing to cook the family meal for the husband. I was shocked to hear that. How can that happen, but after listening to everything that happened before, I come to know that it isn't surprising.

Indeed men touched on women while working overseas, the temptation was hard to bear, I know. I've heard a chap saying that while most had an encounter, they simply pretend nothing has ever happened and all traces of the extramarital affair destroyed. Perhaps ignorance is bliss.

The woman never belonged to you, so you have better leave it where it is. I don't know why on earth this woman had her education financed from an extramarital affair of a married man and who's so foolish to do that.

The next thing I know is psychiatric treatment. Now the wound of the heart has been treated but this man became eccentric in his temperament. And self righteous - I'm uncomfortable.

Now that everything is laid bare to everyone who deserve to know. But for this man with his hardened heart, perhaps the best way is to --- leave him alone. Now that each family has its own prosperity to live.


Are we at peace as we sees it? War between good and evil are constantly going on. The battle is in our minds. We don't fight it with guns but righteousness. When all fails faith, hope and love will be our last cry.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I use Fucksquare instead of 4square

Compare the mayorships of Jessica's mouth, breasts & vagina - epic difference!

p.s. Do you check-into a place when you arrive or leaving?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rude unreasonable teenager after traffic accident

This traffic accident happened on the third day of Chinese New Year at Kek Lok Si Buddhist monastery in Penang. The youngster hit an elderly woman. However, he neither apologise nor show concern for the injured woman, what's more he quarreled with bystanders. In the footage you can even observe his girlfriend attempted to slam the camera to the ground. The fate of the injured woman is still unknown.

May someone please teach the couple how to behave appropriately after causing trouble. If you are friend with any of them, please do so, here are the links to their Facebook profile:

The youngster:
His girlfriend:

My teacher has a thought about disclosing the name of the school as well as teachers who have taught criminals so that teachers will pay more attention to their responsibility. What do you think?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

G.NA - Black and White MV

has introduced me to the first music video of G.NA. The moment I watched it, I loved it.

G.NA came to Malaysia to perform on Digi Kpop LIVE party along with her labelmates.

She was supposed to debut along with four other girls in a group however the group was eventually disbanded due to financial troubles of her former recording company. The other members found success joining other girl groups, but she found her stage by going solo. Not many could do that.

Her face may appear normal or below normal for some of you but she claimed to have natural (?) D cup breast size - like her Taiwanese counterparts Cyndi Wang & YaoYao.

Enjoy her first MV below!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011

Wishing all friends and readers...

biopolymath chinese new year 2011

As energetic as the bunny!

picture credits to

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

IU's "Alicia" MV released!

The song and MV was made for the online game The Story of My Horse and I, Alicia. Singer IU was chosen as the spokesmodel.

I went over to the official website of the game. I can read nothing except looking at the cute IU...

Alicia official site screenshot
Screenshot from the offical game site.

IU's youthful charms are presented in her airy outfit riding a horse.

To date, Alicia is now under closed beta testing. Looking forward for one day when it'll be available as a franchise in English.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Different (달라) - Kim Bum Soo + Taeyeon

Kim Taeyeon of SNSD may be overrated but she sounds great!

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Malaysian Queen of Power Singing Jess Lee Kar Wei 李佳薇 now Champion of One Million Star 超级星光大道 season 7!

On the day of One Million Star aka Super Avenue finale: National Front retained seat in the Tenang by-election with an increased majority of 3707 votes. Our very own Datuk Lee Chong Wei lost when he met his nemesis (Lin Dan of China) in the Korean Open.

With all anticipation, I tuned to Astro AEC to watch the Grand Finale of 超级星光大道 live from Taiwan. The main reason I followed the show was Jess Lee.

Due to dinner, I wasn't able to enjoy the full length of the show but fortunately I was just in time to watch the performance of Jess Lee.

Her first song: 回家 Returning Home. Look at the judge's teary face when she finished.

To emerge as the champion, she was asked to sing again. This time, Listen by Beyonce.

I was confident that she would win the competition. What's more, she scored four consecutive full marks - no one has ever done it!

Sam Chen 陈泽杉, the current president of Warner Music China, known for his choosiness of talent, remarked that Jess can be a recording artist immediately! This puts her on par with Jolin Tsai, F.I.R., JYJ (Korean) and Coco Lee, all belonging to the same talent agency.

Jess Lee's win of One Million Star season 7 created a phenomenon among Malaysian Chinese. Quoting the deputy editor of Sin Chew Daily in his opinion column, the Chinese race in Malaysia has put their hopes collectively on this young girl from Seremban. The Chinese on the Malaysian land has felt that they lack opportunity to perform in various sector, furthermore feeling that their culture has been largely neglected. Therefore, the Malaysian Chinese has always looked for an opportunity for a recognition, and that night was the night.

The road has not come easy for Jess. She faced competitors from mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore and other regions on her road to the championship, and she defeated them all. Her voice, more than pleasing the the ear, actually touches your innermost heart.

At the same time, I am also interested in the current activities of the champions of other singing competition. What has become of them? Jacklyn Victor, winner of Malaysian Idol season 1, has a similar singing capability with Jess Lee but faced serious disadvantage as she can't tap into the vast Chinese market. Her successor, Daniel Lee, no longer sings but is now a DJ. The same goes for Orange Tan of Project Superstar Malaysia season 2.

Pink Tan did an amazing job of making into the Grand Finale however, she needs to put in more effort to make her debut in the music scene. I hope she continue her passion in music and don't give up.

As of many singing reality shows that face the fate of being cancelled after a few seasons (Malaysian Idol, One in a Million Project Superstar, Who will Win), I sincerely hope that CTV will continue the show. It's not just the show per se but the best Chinese singing competition in town!