Saturday, January 28, 2012

B.A.P.'s Warrior is #badass!

B.A.P. for Best, Absolute, Perfect is one of the highest anticipated debut in K-pop. All these while, three of the members were known - Bang Yong Guk, ZELO and Him Chan. Bang and ZELO showed us their capability in singing and rapping while Him Chan is host of MTV The Show together with Hyeri of Girl's Day.

B.A.P. is TS Entertainment's first boy band and one of the most ambitious project by the company to date. The band consists of Bang Yong Guk (leader & main rapper), HimChan (sub-vocalist, rapper), (Daehyun) (main vocalist), Youngjae (lead vocalist), Jongup (main dancer) and ZELO (lead rapper, lead dancer & maknae).

Teaser for Warrior showed us that the music video will be a #badass. I am not disappointed! Just as teased. All of them don't look like rookies.

Not only I like B.A.P. very much but TS Entertainment marketing strategy for their new boy band is commendable for building the most awaited debut in history.

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