Friday, January 13, 2012

What taught me about passion?

I have been hearing so much of compliments for my academic achievement but very few actually know the experience that made me one. There is no secret about doing well in school.

Before Standard 4 in primary school I was taught to get things right. I knew nothing about passion. All I knew was teacher being "fierce". During Standard 3, my ranking dropped significantly because I was distracted.

What pulled me back?

My exposure in science (and other subjects) began in Standard 4. I was interested in science (even my parents knew and expected that I would do well in it). My good performance in science boosted my class ranking to second place, something that I least expect.

The significant improvement in my academic ranking gave me a moral boost to improve my other subjects. Next, I claimed the first place of my cohort.

Keeping the standard is still my concern but ranking is unimportant to me now. Nevertheless, the experience taught me about the power of passion. With a burning passion, you'll naturally do well.

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