Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Year 2011?

The year wasn't good for me in terms of health. I've been down with health problems with relapsing episodes causing me unable to work; I could do nothing but lying on bed till the symptoms disappears (read: palpitations).

What did I gain in year 2011?

  • I began my third year of university life under a scholarship, majoring in biotechnology and biochemistry & molecular biology
  • My stint as Chief Information Officer for Malaysian Aspiration Program and Marketing Secretary for ASEAN Student Games 2011
  • God intervened for my health a day before my first day of final exam, Semester 2 - My palpitation dragged my health down, it was so bad that I could have collapsed in the exam hall without intervention. Thank you Jesus!
  • Crowned best timekeeper at NCG Debate 2011
  • Winning an iPod Touch 8GB by a lucky draw. Loaded it with apps and music!
  • Winning the title of Planetshakers Mamak Idol and brought home a Nintendo Wii as my prize
  • BERSIH rally at Federation Square, Melbourne - I never regret standing up for a better Malaysia
  • Nuffnang Blogopolis 2011 in Melbourne! I have waited so long for a chance to take part in a blogger's conference
  • Discovered so much about K-pop.
  • Ballarat one day trip!

There was much to gain!

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