Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Electronic Engineering @ La Trobe University

I visited La Trobe University at Bundoora, Melbourne to have a look at final year projects by Electronic Engineering students.

La Trobe University provides state of the art facilities for the best learning experience. Graduates of La Trobe enjoy high employment rate for their up to date knowledge.

microscope electronic engineering
Microscope used for viewing delicate electronic components.

A toy car with a LCD display panel. Remote controlled via Bluetooth.

An all terrain Insectabot capable of navigating rough surfaces and harsh surroundings.

3D printing
Rubik's Cube produced using 3D printing technology. Made of plastic. You can produce 3D objects as you desire.

smartphone student project
An Android smartphone.

A toy car balanced using a gyroscopic algorithm programmed in its electronics.

Students making these final year projects go on to exciting careers with well known corporations like Nokia.

The university uses an innovative teaching method when you enrol in the course. Instead of traditional lectures, you course is organised into modules with extensive hands-on learning in labs. This allows you to learn on your own pace and spend more time on one on one consultations with lecturers until you understand something. It's up to you to explore the topics.

Visit Department of Electronic Engineering website at La Trobe to know more.

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