Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sexy & I Know It (Hakka parody)

Kids, go and learn Hakka by watching this!

The Hakka sung in the parody resemble Fui Chew Hakka. I grew up exposed to two dialects of Hakka from my paternal and maternal families. My dad has a Fui Chew background while my mom speak Tai Poo Hakka.

I can tell apart Fui Chew and Tai Poo Hakka by pronunciation differences in certain words - is pronounced as "dou" in Tai Poo Hakka and "dao" in Fui Chew Hakka; as "hou" in Tai Poo and "hao" in Fui Chew.

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  1. lol i dunno why but it sounds like hokkien to me. perhaps im really bad at those dialects :/

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