Monday, January 21, 2013

Biorefresher: GoPro doggie's eye view + Gillette ad first person POV ft. Davichi member

I found nice point of view (POV) videos today!

Biorefresher 1: GoPro camera for dog-eye view

Dog retrives tennis balls in swimming pool for owner. Shot from first "dog" point of view. GoPro is a hardy camera designed for filming POV for daredevil stunts and outdoor activities, kudos the owner for this brilliant idea!

Biorefresher 2: Davichi's Kang Min Kyung's Gilette ad/CF

Davichi's Min Kyung has filmed a new ad with Gillette! In the first video filmed from a first person POV, Davichi complimented, "You look neater? It looks good" and [you] close in for a kiss. This technique totally reminds me of Girl's Day "Hug Me Once" game version MV! In the second video, Min Kyung's voiceover suggested that she shaves you at your pleasure.

One viewer commented, "Point of view porn begins this way." What do you think? Or it's too much for you?

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