Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hello Venus - What Are You Doing Today?

Pledis Entertainment's girl group Hello Venus made a comeback as a full six member group in December 2012. I am so excited for this because this marks Yoonjo's first appearance in music shows.

During their debut, main vocalist Yoonjo injured a ligament at her ankle prior to filming of their debut MV "Venus". Due to this accident, Yoonjo only appeared in the parts without dancing. Hello Venus was forced to took to the stage with the remaining five members, Yoonjo's lines sung by lead vocalist Lime. I was saddened to hear that happening to a main vocalist.

Hello Venus is back with a mini album, with What Are You Doing Today as the title track. What I like about this upbeat track is its simple structure and easy to learn lyrics.

The method of using K-pop songs to learn Korean is becoming a trend among Hallyu fans, so a simple song like this is of great use to me at the beginner's level.


Hello Venus
Let’s Start
Verse 1
* Before the day ends, I want to see you
Before the sun sets, call call call (x2)
Verse 2
What if someone else takes you first?
(Just the thought of it makes me crazy with jealousy)
What to do with you, who is clearly superior in looks
(Just by looking at you, the sun shines from you)
Today, I will call you for sure, I won’t stand still and wait
Chorus 1
** Oh baby hello hello hello
Where are you right now?
Hello hello hello
What are you doing right now?
What to do? My heart rushes at your voice
Oh baby hello hello hello
What are you doing today?
Hello hello hello
Wanna meet up today? Yes, it’s you, you’re my first love
* Repeat
Verse 3
Who cares if I talk to you first?
(No one can block me, no one can stop me anyway)
What do you think about me next to you?
(My height is perfect for you, I’m perfect for you)
It doesn’t feel bad at all, I believe in this feeling, I’m calling you right now
** Repeat
Hey hello, come to me, look at me
My heart rushes again, like this, boom boom, it races, what to do?
I am your pretty girl
You are my sweety boy
I want you take it ma boy
Want you take it ma boy
Chorus 2
Oh baby hello hello hello
You in front of me
Hello hello hello
It’s not a dream right? What to do, my heart rushes, look at your face
Oh baby hello hello hello
Me in front of you
Hello hello hello
We face each other – yes it’s you, you’re my first love
** Repeat

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