Thursday, January 24, 2013

SPEED's "It's Over" drama ver.

"It's Over" drama version is the sequel to "Sad Promise" I blogged about earlier.

The MV picks up from where "Sad Promise" left off, centering on Gwangju Democratization Movement that shook the entire nation of South Korea.

It is moving to see how citizens of Gwangju fought and died for a cause they faithfully believe in: to restore democracy and protest against military dictatorship.


Malaysians in general have become politically awakened since the political tsunami in 2008 that ushered a whole new political landscape. Millions took to the street during Bersih 1, 2.0 and 3.0 rallies to demand for free and fair elections. Although government reaction was not as bad as shown in Sad Promise and It's Over drama version, Malaysians do deserve better treatment in a democratic country.

How many knows that choosing the right people to govern is patriotism? So listen well, do your homework and use your sound judgment. Not even a book tells you that.

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