Saturday, February 23, 2013

Biorefresher: Psy in Penang + Harlem Shake + Hijab tutorial

Biorefresher 1: Psy in Penang

The Penangites welcomed international superstar Psy on their turf because they dare to make a change! The take back Penang, the ruling coalition Barisnan Nasional is willing to go Gangnam Style.

You can see all of his glory thanks to the fancam provided by Penang Channel:

Biorefresher 2: Harlem Shake (Daphne Iking and Nuffnang edition)

 Is Harlem Shake the new Gangnam Style? Folks are crazy about it at home and at work!

Biorefresher 3: Cute tudung wearing tutorial

Eh, why am I watching hijab wearing tutorials? But who knows I found a "goddess of the otakus" among these videos.

I agree absolutely with a comment that says, "Viewers are not looking at the steps of wearing headscraf, but rather the wearer herself."

View more cute videos at her channel, MsDayah94.

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