Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Pink 2nd anniversary #2SpringsofAPINK

They're cute. They're innocent. They're talented. They're just perfect. You name any quality in this girl group.

When they debuted, they were dubbed "Fairy Idols". The K-pop scene was saturated with sexy girl groups, they made it with an innocent concept.

The image when they first debuted with "I Don't Know".

It Girl let us see the girls at work in the studio. They're seriously cute!

My My was a big hit that propelled the girls to winning music shows. I got to know about this group when they came back with this song. Was hooked the instant I heard it.

You were flirted by the girls with Hush.

Bubibu may just be a follow up track but I absolutely love it!

What about plastic surgery among the group members? Interestingly, all members are free from plastic surgery! Their glory lies in their natural beauty. Not just beautiful on the outside, they're able to sing well too.

I'm always a fan of genuine talents, the entire group of A Pink is the reason I fall for them. They were even compared to Girls' Generation for their high standard. A bright future awaits all members.

Some professionals attained success, inspired by their idols. I'm not too old for that :)

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