Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back to God

Hello peeps. Now I'm into my sixth month home since I finished my Bachelor's degree with Honours from Australia. I've never been home for this long, the holidays I had only provided short escapades. Seriously, I miss home.

Melbourne was an opportunity for God to be with me, to teach me His ways, to know of His awesome master plan for me. I needed to freedom to get to know God better for my own good, away from all interferences. God has set up a faraway place to nurture my heart, so He has chosen a city Down Under for the purpose.

Why did I buy into Christianity in the first place?

I remembered I was so touched by a sermon during religious emphasis week in high school. The pastor was reenacting the scene of crucifixion vividly, telling me how people were demanding the death of Jesus at the top of their voices. I was touched about Jesus' amazing love at the cross; he was willing to sacrifice his life for my sins, so I raised my hand during the alter call. That counted as accepting Jesus Christ into my heart. However, I didn't attend church services back then, knowing that my family would disapprove.

It was not until I heard Pastor Samantha Evans' sermon on insecurity that I rededicated my life to Jesus with the freedom to attend church activities.

Then I had discipleship with a church mate, Frankie Heng Wai Kit, to dwell deeper into the Word of God. It was a wonderful opportunity to be instructed in the way of Christianity that changed my life for the better. I liked that he has chosen Bible passages that were not popular for a public sermon, but meaningful chapters that served as warnings so as to not stumble in my life.


When I touched down in Malaysia, I went back to family life like usual. There's a shrine for a local god in my family's factory, which my maternal uncle asked me to offer joss sticks on it, but I've refused to have anything to do with it. I continue to offer joss sticks to the ancestral tablets (out of my love and respect for my family), but I refused to have anything to do with Buddhist statues and earth-god tablets.

I didn't attend a church in Malaysia until late May 2013. I felt comfortable on spending Sundays in any way I wanted but I've decided that enough is enough for being away from the nourishment of God. I prayed about the emptiness, Jesus answered me that I ought to represent Him in my household.

Hearing that The Acts Church was opening a branch in Cheras, I attended its inaugural service. I could sing the worship songs with my eyes closed, knowing that they were composed by Planetshakers Church, which I had been calling it home for the past four years.

In the new visitor's form that they asked me to fill, I named Pastor Kenneth Chin as the person who introduced me to church. He founded Acts Church, but he wasn't in the service and do not know me in person. How is this so? I am leaving the guessing game to readers like you.

Finally, I'm calling a home church in my home country.

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