Sunday, June 23, 2013

In the Haze

Woke up to burnt smell and smoky air. Everywhere was shrouded in haze! API reading was 102 at 7 am in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

Check out this hilarious video by smashpop #IntheHaze

On a more serious note, emergency has been declared in Muar having reached an air pollution index (API) of 750. API above 300 is unhealthy, whereas a state of emergency will be declared in an area when readings exceeds 500.

Politician Lim Kit Siang called out to our Minister of Environment, S. Palanivel for sleeping on the job since his department's API readings cannot be reported on a reasonable time frame. It took two hours for readings to appear on the Department of Environment's website *facepalm*. Why can't Malaysia reports API hourly? Technology is available to automate things and get things done. If Singapore can do it, why Malaysia tak boleh?

[UPDATE] Monash University Open Day

A Monash University open day volunteer wearing a face mask
I just came back from open day at Monash University.

I went specifically to see my prospective doctoral advisor for a research project. I have homework to do! It will be reading published papers and coming up with a research proposal. After that, I went for campus tour.

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  1. hey boon kheng, no idea how to reply you so I decided on a comment on a post, haha.

    Great to hear you've graduated and are moving on to a new phase of life :D
    I'm sure God is treating you well as always.
    My exams are coming, basically things are the usual same old. Yeah we should catch up someday =)