Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fashion Salad with ze fashion bloggers!

Attended Fashion Salad last week (7 July 2013) at Square Dotz Cafe in Petaling Jaya section SS2.

Banner at entrance

I went there for an opportunity to meet up with bloggers. What can I buy at the bazaar? Maybe I should buy them for my (future) girlfriend lolz. Girly stuff were on sale there!

I met the pretty Povyteng! She blogs at

Elvina Chua
Elvina Chua! Good to see you again since 2 years ago.

Chenellewen who looks like a pretty doll.
I'm sorry this is a #phailed shot

The trio Vickybobo, Chanwon and lilzyumiko.

burger accessory samsung galaxy s3
I bought this cute handphone ornament from Jacsafterparty. She's now a mother!

This is Isabellakuan. Hi girl!

Till then!

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