Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hapond Booth for Digital Cutter and UV Dried Plotter

This is part of a series of my visit to Malaysia Sign and LED Expo 2013.

Part 1: Entering the 24th Malaysia International Sign and LED Exhibition

The booth belonging to Hapond is one of the first booths to be noticed upon entering the exhibition hall.

Hapond was showing two main products: digital cutters and plotters. Both machines are important for the print advertisement industry.

Digital cutters, as suggested by name, cuts a piece of material with instructions from a computer. They are also called digital plotters.

Most of them uses laser to guide the path of the cutting tool.

Digital cutters can be used to cut papers and cardboard, suitable for most needs.

Let's look at plotters by Hapond.

Plotters are named as such because early models hold a pen to draw lines on papers (hence the name 'plot'), though they are now regarded as large format printers.

This model of plotter uses non-solvent based inks and comes with ultraviolent (UV) lamps to dry the inks. Printed materials can be dried immediately using this method.

Plotters using solvent based inks are dried with exposure to air and takes a little time.

Hapond assembles large format printers locally. Solvent based plotters are also available. Get in touch with the company at:

Hapond Digital Technology Sdn. Bhd.
Tel: +603-42963733/ +603-42923733
Website: http://www.hapond.com.my/

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