Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pantone Capsure: A Great Tool for a Colourful World!

Part 1: Entering the 24th Malaysia Sign and LED Exhibition
Part 2: Hapond Booth for Digital Cutter and UV Dried Plotter
Part 3: Epson SureColor printers and Contex scanners
Part 4: Digital Cutting machine for smooth edge finishing by JingWei CAD/CAM

Greetings readers, here we meet again. We are now entering Part 5 of my visit to the 24th Malaysia Sign and LED Exhibition, have you found them to be interesting? I'll be writing a colourful post ahead, so read on.

I'm sure you are familiar with colours like red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, etc that are enough to describe the colours we see in everyday life. Sometimes we use additional words like pale, light, dark to describe colours more specifically.

But, in an industrial setting, there comes a need to pinpoint the exact colour to be used, important for those working in publishing, graphic design, interior design, architecture or fashion industry. While we enjoy our reading of colourful newspapers and magazines everyday, publishers and printers working behind the scenes are working hard to bring the best to us, thus having a need to talk about colours in a non-ambiguous way.

In order to refer to colours accurately, products from Pantone readily answers our need.

Colour Guides from Pantone
Colour guides have all the colours that we see on print and screens. Each colour is given a number for identification purpose.

CMYK Color
What is CMYK? It stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black). It is a system used by printers to identify colours. To get a specific colour, inks of cyan, magenta, yellow are mixed while black ink is used for darker shades.

Pantone view

Pantone View is actually a service to provide inspiration as well as information on colour trends for designers.

Pantone Capsure
Meet the product that caught my eye - Pantone Capsure!

It's a novel scanner to tell apart colours! How do you use it? Just place its detector on a shade of colour you see and you'll get the code for the colour. Search the code in the colour guide you've read above and what you get is the colour that has been identified. You can save yourself from painstakingly telling colours apart with your naked eye.

Pantone Capsure comes in Bluetooth and non Bluetooth versions.

You can visit Pantone's website to know more. To buy the products, you can contact Superlink, which is based in Singapore.

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