Sunday, August 18, 2013

Today is Eun Ji day #HappyVirusEunji

A Pink Jung Eun Ji

Today marks the birthday of Jung Eun Ji 郑恩地 정은지, member and main vocalist of South Korean girl group A Pink. If you are a fan, don't forget to trend #HappyVirusEunji on Twitter to celebrate!

Pronounced in Mandarin Chinese her name is Zhèng Ēn Dì (Zheng4 En1 Di4). When I mention her in a conversation in Chinese my friends will immediately mock her name because it sounds like 'aunty'. Please please please okayyy, next time I hear you mocking her name I will KILL YOUUUUU muahahahahaha

Eun Ji is a very popular name for girls in South Korea. She was named Jung Hye Rim 郑慧林 at birth, but it was said that Jung Hye Rim was not good for her mother (you know all those feng shui reasons concerning names!), so she changed her name to Jung Eun Ji at secondary school.

As the main vocalist, she is a talented singer. I call her one of the best main vocalist around compared with other groups, because she's the only idol to sing the ad lib while dancing and smiles when hitting high notes!

She has dreamt of being a vocal trainer just like her mother. But she changed her direction to become an idol singer after she passed an audition for A Pink. Indeed she picked the right direction!

She only trained for 6 months prior to debut (Wow!!!!).

This Eun Ji is actually a tomboy by nature.

And hell, she amazed me with her acting skills in Reply 1997. Hearing that it was a sensation I spent my time marathoning the drama after I finished my Honours course. Her wins for Best OST (for the drama) in many music shows were well deserved!

She hails from Busan. After debut she kept her Busan accent (her company didn't ask her to correct it). Her accent was the bomb in the drama earning her the title of Satoori Idol. But as she took on roles that required speaking in the standard accent she worked her way hard through it.

Eun Ji is now 20 years old. Happy Birthday!

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