Friday, September 13, 2013

Decoding Namewee's Tokok ep 019: Oppa Petrol Style

Namewee (real name Wee Meng Chee) has a word to say in response to the petrol price hike. But he did it differently this time - he spoke in an alien tongue to us! I was so taken aback with his acquisition of "Korean".

It's fairly easy to understand just by watching what he shows without the need to understand what he actually says. But if you're not Malaysian and don't know what actually happened, this is what he mean to say through the pictures:

Since the petrol price hike, the government is making our lives harder! Whatever fuel that's sold by Petronas, Shell, Caltex and Mobil, they're all raised by 20 cents. Aissshh! The Malaysian government is picking on us Chinese people, with the Chicken and Horse Screw messing up the government and think that they hold absolute power in the country. Really, all of you are sick! Do you want us to drink plain water, eat plain bread and ride on our bicycle so that you'll be satisfied with everything?! Aisssh, Aiish, then what do you want?! Before this you spent public money to bring Psy (Park Jae Sang) to Penang, where everyone enjoyed a free show; when election comes you gave so many goodies to people, furthermore you spent so much to bring Bangladeshi migrant workers to vote for you, only to raise the price of petrol to pay the bills after all these while? Is your dick bigger that we do? Certainly you can't do that to us. Aisssh, what do you want from us? Isn't it. Are these our fault? By doing this you only make crime pay. Aisssh! I'm really fed up with you...
Now you've got what you needed to know, aren't you? But in fact there's actually more, so read on to fulfil your curiosity!

I listened to Namewee's speech carefully and it led me to new findings! There're so many secrets to this video. I've even gone to extra mile of sharing the video to people that may know about Korean language. If you have been following Namewee since his early days, he is indeed famous for swearing in his videos to get his message across. By paying attention to his speech you'll notice these words:

Jenjang: A Korean swear word.

Shibal: That's a very bad Korean swear word.

Gae seki: That's also a Korean swear word.

Puniabo: Possibly a Hainanese swear word. From what I heard, Namewee has a Hainanese ancestry.

Gamsa hamnida: Korean word for "Thank you". Namewee was probably referring that the current Malaysian government ought to thank the Chinese people for their contribution. On the other hand, ruling party politicians that lose their seat in the 2013 General Election retorted that Chinese people "were not grateful". A majority of Chinese people has voted in favour of the opposition coalition during the election.

Kim Il-Sung, Pyeongyang, Kim Jong-Il: He's referring to transfer of power in North Korea and draws a parallel between North Korea and Malaysia. The current Prime Minister of Malaysia (Najib bin Abdul Razak) is the son of former Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak bin Hussein.

Namewee Tokok episode 19 is made up of random words with a few curse words, I believe. But since only few of us know about Korean profanities, he could largely get away.

In short, Namewee has voiced our grievance against the petrol price hike. Ask yourself again, what is Namewee famous for? =D

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