Monday, September 23, 2013

Interfaith relationship?

The situation above is best described as interracial infatuation rather than interracial/interfaith relationship. The video may be shallow, but has given us enough points to ponder. Out of all types of interfaith relationships, Islam draws the most controversy.

Under Malaysian law, any person who's marrying a Muslim must convert to Islam prior to marriage, regardless of male or female.

The harsh fact in Malaysia is, most Chinese refuse to have anything to do with Islam. Many are not open to marrying Malays. Religion can be the sole reason for rejection. Many Chinese families mount resistance should they ever find out their sons/daughters are in a relationship with a Malay. They'd choose to preserve their culture and belief from generation to generation.

The real culprit behind this is political Islam. In all Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity & Islam), not only the faiths provides guidance to believers but they exert political control over people in the Middle East throughout history. In the Scriptures of these religions, it's all about control over people if you are familiar with their contents.

There's little problem when the church is separated from the state. But not in Malaysia, the 'church' (mosque) remains under jurisdiction of the state. The Mosque is government backed, to make matters worse. Hence the contention shown in the video rears its ugly head.

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