Monday, September 30, 2013


Have you heard of the hottest talk in town, KakaoTalk? It's a chat program that originated from South Korea said to be used by a lot of K-pop celebrities.

Even before KakaoTalk arrived in Malaysia, I've downloaded the application out of curiosity, having it installed in my 3rd generation iPad. KakaoTalk for iOS is optimised for smaller screens but it's compatible with iPad, so I had no problem running it.

Using KakaoTalk is quite straightforward.

Before you began, you'll be asked to register for an account if you have none. Like most mobile chatting app, you'll be asked for a mobile phone number.

Once you've opened the app, you'll be led to the Friends tab. Your friends are listed in alphabetical order. There're two types of accounts available: normal and Plus friends (those with a P beside). I shall explain about Plus friends in the later part of the post.

By clicking on one of the friend you'll be led to the Mini Profile. That's my friend Vvens.
She has a special theme installed so you see stuff crayon drawing. Otherwise most profiles display default theme.

The second tab if of course... Chats! I've set my iPad to display in Chinese but the button layouts are pretty self explanatory.

Whenever a message is received, the software makes a "Katukkk" sound.

This is the chatting screen.

Press on the smiley face (on the left) to access all sorts of dynamic emoticons (called Stickers)...

... and use them in your chats.

You can have access to some other functions by pressing the ">" button. Or simply flip from the left

Now we come to the Find Friends screen. You can find friends by KakaoTalk ID or QR codes.
Do you see Plus Friends? They're celebrities' official KakaoTalk account to send you updates on their latest promotions and music comebacks. Or they belong to businesses to tell you about their latest promotions and discounts on their goods.

There are games to play if you fancy them. Sorry I don't usually play games :(

The More screen contains everything else for KakaoTalk. Settings is my most important friend because I get to control how KakaoTalk behaves to how I like it to be.

Have fun guys! Don't forget to like KakaoTalk Malaysia FB. You can visit KakaoTalk official website to know more.

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