Friday, November 29, 2013


I'm actually very pissed over this incident for it affected my friends.

After offering "social experiment" as an excuse to his wrongdoing of posting underage girls, for which techie lightyoruichi has fiercely rebuked. In response to an open letter to him, he offered an "apology". It is clear that Serge Norguard/Dustyhawk/Lionel Goh remains unrepentant and has not been brought to his knees.

He made us reluctant and victimised guinea pigs. But no guinea pigs can take part in experiments more than once. Why not he tests his body against the law of the country? (以身试法)

I saw many comments voicing disapproving his act in his second post. This morning, not long after I woke up, I found out those comments disappeared, at least 70 in all.

This is his third blog entry to defend himself. I'm saving it here in case it has been deleted.

An Apology and Asking for Forgiveness while getting a few things off Our Chest
posted on 28 November, 2013 at 22:20

With the recent fiasco that had happen in the past week and after being challenged by Wesley Chang on Medium with An Open Letter to Duskyhawk aka Serge Norguard aka Lionel Goh, we as we have stated on twitter; we are here to apologize.

Now in the open letter, Wesley Chang mentioned this

Your Call to Action

Publicly issue an apology and reveal everything to the world. Let potential abusers know that there will be consequences. And such actions is not welcomed or condoned.
Privately issue an apology to all your victims, and suggest methods to help them prevent such things from ever happening again. Let them know how people like you can easily obtain their private photos and how to avoid it.

Volunteer yourself as the primary spokesperson for cyber civil rights. Speak against the violation of personal privacy and the ruinous consequences that ensue. Speak on behalf for the victims who have no voice in the matter, who wish only to be forgotten but are unable to. Speak against the abusers who you once represented, strike fear to the hearts of any potential abusers, and paint a vivid picture to them the consequences if they dare to consider doing it. Speak against cyber crimes and be part of the movement against wrongdoers.

Instead of collecting pictures of young girls, start collecting pictures of cyber criminals. Instead of taking pictures of girls, start taking picture of pedophiles. Create a blogspot for those people instead. Make sure these are the people who aren’t going to be forgotten instead, who will live in the internet forever.
You want to make a name for yourself. Now’s your chance. Use whatever left of your reputation and put it to good use. Who knows. You could even redeem yourself and see this is as your real calling.

Your move.

To all who was caught up in this, we apologize for the inconvenience made by our actions for curating the blogsite. Yes we curated it, we were one of the admins. It was never in our intention to cause you any hurt from this aggregator styled blog.

We hope to apologize privately to each and everyone of you but we can’t. Not because we don’t want to but because many of the photos were taken via sources such as this (you may need to login), this , this and even this.
***He provided links to one Flickr album and three Tumblr blogs. They contain photos of Malaysian/Singaporean Chinese girls***

There are many more sites which has pictures and information such as this. We did not take any photos from private collections such as facebook. They were already on the web. Again, we apologize for what the blog has done but we are here to reiterate that we never did go into your social media pages to take your photos.
As many of you have in a damnning motion accuse us of.

We are sorry

Before we started writing this post, we receive an

Now we are hear to clear the story about that nude girl which appeared in this blog recently. Mainly this girl over here

[nude photo of a girl, for which I'm not posting it here]

This was taken from DeviantArt and was never stolen to begin with. Also there are other photos such as this. So to the person who wrote the letter and to the rest who thinks we use that nude photo without permission, the owner has already set the photo to be shared. From what we know is that model was 18 during the shoot.

There isn’t anything much we can do write now but apologize for all the things we did. We are truly sorry and though you may forgive us later on, we admit that the only crime that we did was curating and posting. Wait, isn’t that the same word?

For now, we do wonder on how we became a pedophile ? According to Wikipedia, Pedophilia is defined as

A medical diagnosis, pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in persons 16 years of age or older typically characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest toward prepubescent children (generally age 11 years or younger, though specific diagnostic criteria for the disorder extends the cut-off point for prepubescence to age 13).

In our post here, we said and we admitted “Because of my confession that i love young girls”. Note that we did say that we love young girls and that was it. Never did we mention that we are sexually interested in them. Just because we say we love young girls or young kids doesn’t mean that we want to have sex with them and become pedophiles.

Simply put, should we be condemning a big brother who says he loves his younger sister? Or maybe an uncle who loves his young nieces? No right? So our question here is how did our declaration of love for children equates to us being a pedophile?

Somewhere down all this commotion we were also called a sex offender. Wait? Did we actually post a sexual act on that blog or here? Closest thing that was sexual was nudity and it was not a sexual act/pornography to begin with. We might be wrong in saying this but isn’t a sex offender defined as someone who has done a sexual act that is against the law such as rape, molestation, sexual harrassment and such?

To everyone, we are sorry.

What we have here? He's simply not repenting. Instead he created more places to post more inappropriate materials, which I can be wrong - it's harder to track down author of Tumblr blogs compared to Blogspot.

How am I going to believe him that those photos are from other blogs that he claimed? One of the Tumblr is approximately 1 month old, and the other two are less than 24 hours old (when I dived through the entries at 1 am, 29th November 2013). This is based on the age of the [oldest] entries, not the actual date of the blog getting started. To put you readers in a better perspective, I believe Sweet Young Malaysian Girls and Asians in Swimgerie were several months old.

He has not been taking photos from social media profiles, both public and private? This Facebook note has said what he has done.

The poster below simply immortalises him.

Dustyhawk/Serge Norguard/Lionel Goh social experiment

And since he claimed it as an "experiment", let himself be the subject of our experiment on him. Let us make him know what does it feel like to have most of the community as his enemy. Let him know what is it like to be "cut off from the people".

A Social Experiment? My Ass.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Two days ago, I heard about a scandal involving Serge Norguard/Dustyhawk being reported on The Star. At first, he denied it. But all evidences from my friends and a techie's solution point to him.

The screenshot below nails everything to the coffin. The blogs Sweet Young Malaysian Girls and Asians in Swimgerie are indeed his. He cannot run away from it.

So, I checked out his main blog, for something to read. Among his entries, I noticed a few posts titled "Intermission Babes". Why are those posts there remains a question.

The posts in Intermission Babes are just photos of girls taken from random sources. The photos are clearly not his. There was even a NSFW photo in one of the "Intermission Babes" entries. I had to cry a big "Ouch" when I saw what I didn't want to see.

I've seen Dustyhawk/Serge Norguard a few times, during the annual Cheer event and recently, in Nuffnang #LepakWithNuffies bloggers meet. I have always thought he is a respected figure in the blogosphere. I've even taken a few photos of him and posed with him (you can find them in my Instagram photos).

He may have a thing or two for young girls (not much to say about this but he can keep it to himself) but to share people's photos without their consent is just blatantly sick. He should be way better than me in blogging and yet ignores the most basic of blogger's ethics.

But since things have gotten to a point of no return, I can only pray that he pick himself up and start over from scratch.

Confucious has a well said quote: "Whatever that's not desired, don't do it onto others."

UPDATE: Read how Serge Norguard betrayed trust and friendship and another who rather have Serge to taste his own medicine.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Pink @ Mnet Asian Music Awards 2013, Hong Kong

A Pink mentioned about attending Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong. Something must be in store for them in the award show.

When the red carpet started, I sat in front of my computer and didn't leave my chair. When A Pink arrived, I was like having the moment of my life. Six of them came out of their vehicle in beautiful black evening dress.

They are stunningly gorgeous. Transcendental resplendence - the best word to describe such beauty.

Bomi. Bare shouldersssss.

Na Eun is my resplendent goddess. I don't have time to breathe looking at this.

The presenter announced the prize for Next Generation Global Star Award and it went to none other than A Pink. The name of the award itself is a great compliment to my favourite group! All the hard work have paid off. They had been working hard on their group and individual schedules. I'm so proud of them.

If you have been a longtime fan, A Pink is dubbed as "second SNSD"? I like the name of the award so much. It indicates their tremendous potential in K-pop and popularity among international fans.

Leader Chorong's acceptance speech reads, "Hello We're Apink. it's been a year since we've received the newcomers award last year and this year we are able to receive this such a huge award again i'm really thankful and we'll work even harder in the future. Thanks to everyone~"

Congratulations A Pink! I hope you all work hard to bring us joy. I'll forever be your Panda. A Pink, fighting!

Credits: A Pink Malaysia Community@songassi

Friday, November 22, 2013

陶晶莹《真的假的》Matilda Tao "Real and Fake"

I 100% agree this is composed by Jay Chou. It's a decent and meaningful song :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Red Hong Yi: So I threw away my paintbrushes

Her TEDx Talk took place in June 2013 but the video was only uploaded a few days ago. I gave the actual talk a pass due to the prohibitive entrance fee :( but fret not, TED talk videos will surely be uploaded.

I met Red Hong Yi for the first time during the University of Melbourne Malaysian alumni annual dinner. There she shared her experiences of growing up during the Cultural Revolution and getting a job with an Australian firm, but getting posted to Shanghai. Not forgetting that she looks very cute too. She showed a video of herself drawing a potrait of Yao Ming, using a basketball. It came to me: There was a news feature in Sin Chew Daily about that the other day, so this must be her!

I asked her, "How do you get your inspiration to use objects as your tools?". Hong Yi's answer was: You need to force yourself to do it.

I said I wanted to become a scientist, at the same time I grew up with art. Ever since I was a kid, I'd scribble at any surface. I took art and music lessons during primary school. Perhaps it's time to awaken my artistic talent again. Her take home message for me: Just do it :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Tahun Baru Cina Pulau Pinang Sambutan 2013

I wrote this during the time when South Korean superstar Psy (Park Jae Sang) was invited to perform in Penang for a Chinese New Year celebration event. Was angry indeed with such indiscriminate spending of taxpayer's money.

Tahun Baru Cina menjelang
Pilihan raya menyusur selepas
Politik campur sambutan perayaan
Pantang-larang seketika diabaikan

Barisan Nasional inginkan bilangan
Menunjuk ada Tionghua sokongan
Bertempat di Pulau Pinang negeri lawan
Jemput artis warga Korea Selatan

Belanja jemput rakyat yang beban
Tak kira siapa pihak tajaan
SENIMAN lantas keluar kenyataan
Mengapa diabaikan artis tempatan

Chuan Aun rasa perlu penjelasan
Telefon ke Timur tanya syarikat hiburan
Yang Goon ikhlas memberi jawapan
1.8 juta minimum perbelanjaan

Kepada penghuni Guan Eng cadangkan
Warna bertuah dijadikan pakaian
Merah kuning hijau pilihan
Menghadiri majlis anjuran Barisan

Kit Siang segera membuat perbandingan
Kedua-dua negara bawah arus pembangunan
Perkembangan ekonomi penanda kemajuan
Nikmat GDP relevan piawaian

Korea Selatan pesat pembangunan
Canggih teknologi cekap urusan
Dihargai jasa sumbangan cendekiawan
Budi bahasa tetap diamalkan

Sampai detik artis buat persembahan
Perdana Menteri tanya hadirin persediaan
Tarian kuda positif jawapan
Terima Barisan berani ditidakkan

Muncul artis yang dinanti-nantikan
Berminit-minit jutaan dibelanjakan
Sebaik sahaja siap persembahan
Hadirin bersurai berpusu-pusuan
Siapa kekal mendengar ucapan?

Lagu artis memang sindiran
Parti pemerintah boros perbelanjaan
Hebat tamparan buat Barisan
Artis datang baik sambutan
Mudarat ditanggung berzaman-zaman

An Afternoon Tea with JaneChuck at Lacoste

Lacoste hosted an event with fashion blogger JaneChuck at their outlet in Bangsar Village II. I signed up for the sake of seeing Jane Chuck.

Hi Jane! *Thanks to a kind soul who took this*

Jane's take home message for guys: "Your fashion sense do make a difference."

I shall check out the outlet someday. For a limited time, Lacoste has something for you if you spend > RM 800 in a single receipt, & I'm leaving it to you to find out :)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pak Lelah Sakit Tenat

Pak Lelah sakit tenat
Sehingga kini belum berubat

Sekolah timus apa mudah sangat
Prestasi kurang dibiarkan lepas
Prestasi cemerlang semua digugurkan

Lapar Pak Lelah tak ada makan
Parasit asing memenuhi badan
Bilangan meningkat menambah beban
Menghisap darah untuk dijamu rakan

Barah kian bertambah ghairah
Menelan hasil semua kegunaan
Jumpa zat siapa tak minat
Besar kecil apa kisah sangat

Otak mengecil akal mengkurus
Diganti pula tisu dungu
Tutur kata tidak terurus
Hilang upaya mengenal merah ungu

Lemah Pak Lelah berjumpa doktor
Jawab doktor apa serius sangat
Mengapa peduli, tak apa masalah

Tubuh melemah ajal mendekat
Nazak kegagalan sistem organ
Sedih saudara-mara melihat
Sihat terabai siapa kasihan

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wong Zun Zen's "Understand Me" 了解我

After being a trainee for 1 year at least, my friend Wong Zun Zen has debuted at last! Her debut track is "Understand Me" 《了解我》.

For most part of the MV, I don't have any problem with Zun Zen as a singer but that doesn't mean I don't hold anything against this MV, just don't forget that I've been watching countless Korean MVs before this. I may sound a bit harsh here but that's the reality of competing internationally. The domestic market in Malaysia is considered small.

What I dislike about the MV:
  1. I had to strain my eyes looking at the subtitles. Have the font bigger for it to be easier to read.
  2. It's not hard to tell of the blatant signs of amateurism on the part of the videographer. The videographer of the MV seemed to have a lack of appreciation for "visual centre". Zun Zen has been out of focus for too many times, to a point of being intolerable.
  3. Where's the guest rapper? I was wondering. He should appear in the MV unless there's a very good reason for him not to.

Zun Zen has a fairly decent debut in terms of song choice. Judging that she is a person of her time and country, she can thrive - though there are some challenges ahead.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

K-pop Zone 100% Tell The Truth - A Pink

*this video is English subbed*

What do A Pink members think of each other? In this rare occasion, watch them share a few quirks in their lives!

My favourite is Chorong's: "I wish I am the youngest so I won't have to bear the burden of being the leader."

Monday, November 11, 2013

15 Reasons to Date a Scientist

Are you looking for a scientist? Yours truly is one =)

Not sure if you should accept that scientist’s invitation to dinner? Here are 15 reasons to date a scientist:
1. You’ll never run out of things to talk about. Just ask your date a “why” question. He/she will likely know the long answer.
2. Those cute lab coats.
3. “I’m dating a scientist” sounds very impressive.
4. You’ll likely win at trivia night if you’re on the same team.
5. Scientists have a keen understanding of anatomy. This comes handy both in the bedroom and when you’re injured.
6. You can joke about your great chemistry.
7. Scientists do meticulous, time-consuming tests and experiments. This attention to detail — and incredible patience — will serve your relationship well.
8. Ever want to know what’s scientifically inaccurate in your favorite sci-fi show? You will now.
9. Access to dry ice and cool chemist’s tools. Best party ever.
10. Dates at the planetarium or science centre become extra-fascinating.
11. Hygiene. Scientists wash their hands before and after everything.
12. Science experiments. Wonder aloud enough and you’ll be sure to inspire one.
13. You’ll be updated on all the cool discoveries, research and studies affecting the way we understand how the world works. Your smart date will likely make you smarter.
14. Your own nerdiness will be wholeheartedly embraced.
15. You’ll be dating someone who is always learning and who seems endlessly fascinated in things. That passion is to be admired.
What else? Tell us what’s great about dating a scientist…
Taken from eHarmony