Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Pink @ Mnet Asian Music Awards 2013, Hong Kong

A Pink mentioned about attending Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong. Something must be in store for them in the award show.

When the red carpet started, I sat in front of my computer and didn't leave my chair. When A Pink arrived, I was like having the moment of my life. Six of them came out of their vehicle in beautiful black evening dress.

They are stunningly gorgeous. Transcendental resplendence - the best word to describe such beauty.

Bomi. Bare shouldersssss.

Na Eun is my resplendent goddess. I don't have time to breathe looking at this.

The presenter announced the prize for Next Generation Global Star Award and it went to none other than A Pink. The name of the award itself is a great compliment to my favourite group! All the hard work have paid off. They had been working hard on their group and individual schedules. I'm so proud of them.

If you have been a longtime fan, A Pink is dubbed as "second SNSD"? I like the name of the award so much. It indicates their tremendous potential in K-pop and popularity among international fans.

Leader Chorong's acceptance speech reads, "Hello We're Apink. it's been a year since we've received the newcomers award last year and this year we are able to receive this such a huge award again i'm really thankful and we'll work even harder in the future. Thanks to everyone~"

Congratulations A Pink! I hope you all work hard to bring us joy. I'll forever be your Panda. A Pink, fighting!

Credits: A Pink Malaysia Community@songassi

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