Thursday, November 28, 2013


Two days ago, I heard about a scandal involving Serge Norguard/Dustyhawk being reported on The Star. At first, he denied it. But all evidences from my friends and a techie's solution point to him.

The screenshot below nails everything to the coffin. The blogs Sweet Young Malaysian Girls and Asians in Swimgerie are indeed his. He cannot run away from it.

So, I checked out his main blog, for something to read. Among his entries, I noticed a few posts titled "Intermission Babes". Why are those posts there remains a question.

The posts in Intermission Babes are just photos of girls taken from random sources. The photos are clearly not his. There was even a NSFW photo in one of the "Intermission Babes" entries. I had to cry a big "Ouch" when I saw what I didn't want to see.

I've seen Dustyhawk/Serge Norguard a few times, during the annual Cheer event and recently, in Nuffnang #LepakWithNuffies bloggers meet. I have always thought he is a respected figure in the blogosphere. I've even taken a few photos of him and posed with him (you can find them in my Instagram photos).

He may have a thing or two for young girls (not much to say about this but he can keep it to himself) but to share people's photos without their consent is just blatantly sick. He should be way better than me in blogging and yet ignores the most basic of blogger's ethics.

But since things have gotten to a point of no return, I can only pray that he pick himself up and start over from scratch.

Confucious has a well said quote: "Whatever that's not desired, don't do it onto others."

UPDATE: Read how Serge Norguard betrayed trust and friendship and another who rather have Serge to taste his own medicine.

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