Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Red Hong Yi: So I threw away my paintbrushes

Her TEDx Talk took place in June 2013 but the video was only uploaded a few days ago. I gave the actual talk a pass due to the prohibitive entrance fee :( but fret not, TED talk videos will surely be uploaded.

I met Red Hong Yi for the first time during the University of Melbourne Malaysian alumni annual dinner. There she shared her experiences of growing up during the Cultural Revolution and getting a job with an Australian firm, but getting posted to Shanghai. Not forgetting that she looks very cute too. She showed a video of herself drawing a potrait of Yao Ming, using a basketball. It came to me: There was a news feature in Sin Chew Daily about that the other day, so this must be her!

I asked her, "How do you get your inspiration to use objects as your tools?". Hong Yi's answer was: You need to force yourself to do it.

I said I wanted to become a scientist, at the same time I grew up with art. Ever since I was a kid, I'd scribble at any surface. I took art and music lessons during primary school. Perhaps it's time to awaken my artistic talent again. Her take home message for me: Just do it :)

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