Thursday, January 24, 2013

SPEED's "It's Over" drama ver.

"It's Over" drama version is the sequel to "Sad Promise" I blogged about earlier.

The MV picks up from where "Sad Promise" left off, centering on Gwangju Democratization Movement that shook the entire nation of South Korea.

It is moving to see how citizens of Gwangju fought and died for a cause they faithfully believe in: to restore democracy and protest against military dictatorship.


Malaysians in general have become politically awakened since the political tsunami in 2008 that ushered a whole new political landscape. Millions took to the street during Bersih 1, 2.0 and 3.0 rallies to demand for free and fair elections. Although government reaction was not as bad as shown in Sad Promise and It's Over drama version, Malaysians do deserve better treatment in a democratic country.

How many knows that choosing the right people to govern is patriotism? So listen well, do your homework and use your sound judgment. Not even a book tells you that.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Biorefresher: GoPro doggie's eye view + Gillette ad first person POV ft. Davichi member

I found nice point of view (POV) videos today!

Biorefresher 1: GoPro camera for dog-eye view

Dog retrives tennis balls in swimming pool for owner. Shot from first "dog" point of view. GoPro is a hardy camera designed for filming POV for daredevil stunts and outdoor activities, kudos the owner for this brilliant idea!

Biorefresher 2: Davichi's Kang Min Kyung's Gilette ad/CF

Davichi's Min Kyung has filmed a new ad with Gillette! In the first video filmed from a first person POV, Davichi complimented, "You look neater? It looks good" and [you] close in for a kiss. This technique totally reminds me of Girl's Day "Hug Me Once" game version MV! In the second video, Min Kyung's voiceover suggested that she shaves you at your pleasure.

One viewer commented, "Point of view porn begins this way." What do you think? Or it's too much for you?

Biorefresher: I Got a Boy!

Found two impressive dance covers of Girls' Generation's new track "I Got a Boy". Check them out!

Korean moms pulled off the dance moves perfectly! Notice the man inside.

Cute Taiwanese twins Sandy and Mandy!

Young and old are enjoying K-pop. Which cover do you prefer?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Malaysian Youtuber JinnyboyTV pokes fun at internship

Many degree or diploma courses offered in Malaysia today include internship or industrial training as part of the programme to "enhance the employability" of students once they graduate. Internship may also count towards academic credit required for graduation. But, does this work experience live up to its name?

Contrary to expectations of gaining valuable experience in the actual workplace, what I heard are stories all pointing to the defeat of the purpose of internship. Stories of interns made to photocopy papers or prepare food for boss is so common lah.

The satirical video by JinnyboyTV says it all. It's named "Internsh*t".

Indeed, unpaid internship experience is now clouded by increasing controversy. This is attributed to laws surrounding internship does not provide clear guidelines and their non-enforcement (US context).

But students are not so lucky in Malaysia. Internship is not sanctioned by labour laws, therefore irresponsible companies are free to exploit interns as they wish. A fellow user in posted:

I do find it a bit absurd about this internship program in Malaysia, the students have no right in saying 'no' to any company the university has assigned them to, they are not allowed to ask about pay or even allowance, they are to work according to what the company told them to, they are not protected by law or even insurance, they are not entitled to medical leave(s), overtime pay & so forth. A conclusion from myself: They are just a bunch of cheap, if not free, unprotected labour of Malaysia. 

You can read more inside a thread at here.

Do you think internships should be governed by law?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Secret - Talk That

Since completing my Honours at The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, I was anticipating comebacks of my favourite girl groups, Secret being one of them. The completion of my thesis and final presentation marked the end of my life in the lab, but didn't officially leave until much later, after I've completed my lab books and cleared up my workspace.

The group was coming back at the end of the year with a single "Talk That". Teaser photos hinted that "Talk That" would feature a melancholic concept; furthermore the members expressed that they get to show a different side of themselves. Concepts were experimented, but what remains a staple of Secret is the retro visuals in all of their MVs.

Promotions for this song was short lived when all members of Secret ran into a traffic accident due to snowy road conditions. That was not even one week after Talk That was released when tragedy struck.

I missed them on music shows. Was glad to hear that Secret won a main prize (bonsang) at the recent Golden Disk Awards held in Malaysia but couldn't avoid a tinge of sadness knowing that Zinger has yet to make a full recovery.

No group will be comfortable having a member absent from activities. I am still waiting for Zinger to stand with the Hyosung, Jieun and Sunhwa. Let's pray for her recovery sooner.



Da DaDa DaDa DaDa Da
Da DaDa DaDa DaDa Da
Stop it, stop it, please
Talk that talk that talk that
Talk that talk that talk that
Verse 1
How could you do this?
I am hurting so much like this
Do you even think of me?
Am I easy to you?
Yes, I’ll listen, although it’ll be all lies
Yes, I’ll smile, just like all the girls you played with
(Talk that) Keep saying those ridiculous words
(Talk that) But don’t think that I’ll believe you
(Talk that) Because everything you say is a lie
(Talk that) Tell me the truth
(Talk that) Stop playing with me
(Talk that) Everything you tell me seems like a lie
Talk that talk that talk that
Talk that talk that talk that
Verse 2
From the start, it was all lies
Don’t tell me that you were telling the truth
Now it’s hard for me to believe you
Am I that easy to you?
Yes, I’ll listen, although I already know your excuses
Yes, I’ll smile, now please go away, I won’t care anymore

(Talk that) Keep saying those ridiculous words
(Talk that) But don’t think that I’ll believe you
(Talk that) Because everything you say is a lie
(Talk that) Tell me the truth
(Talk that) Stop playing with me
(Talk that) Everything you tell me seems like a lie

You tell me again but I don’t wanna listen, just stop it all
Don’t say my name
Don’t say my name
Don’t say my name

Talk that talk that talk that
Talk that talk that talk that please

(Talk that) Keep saying those ridiculous words
(Talk that) But don’t think that I’ll believe you
(Talk that) Because everything you say is a lie
(Talk that) Tell me the truth
(Talk that) Stop playing with me
(Talk that) Everything you tell me seems like a lie

Talk that talk that talk that
Talk that talk that talk that

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Juniel's win at 27th Golden Disk Awards

When I heard Juniel (real name Choi Jun Hee) winning one of the rookie award at the 27th Golden Disk Awards held at Sepang International Circuit near KLIA, I couldn't be more happy.

Juniel has been nominated for various newcomer award in 2012 but never won them. She was nominated in Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) and MelOn Music Awards last year, but the titles actually went to another female solo artist Ailee. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing Ailee. However, since those rookie prizes aren't meant to be shared, there is only one winner.

When asked about winning rookie awards, she answered that winning awards is not the sole purpose of her singing career. I am impressed with her humility but deep in my heart, I know that she deserve some form of recognition for all the effort she put in since debut. I was immediately drawn to her debut single "Illa Illa", showcasing her strong vocal performance.

Upon reading tweets announcing her win, I immediately remarked that the win was well deserved and spot on. Fans like to call her the "second IU" for her similarity to IU (real name Lee Ji Eun).

IU, despite comparable vocal performance, was not in luck to be recognised with rookie awards.

Congratulations, Juniel has been recognised as one of the best rookies in the Korean equivalent of Grammy Awards! Others who was bestowed the title were Ailee, B.A.P., EXO-K and Lee Hi.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

27th Golden Disk Award Result Day 2

Golden Disk Digital Daesang (Song of The Year)
Psy (Gangnam Style)

Golden Disk Digital Bonsang Award (Golden Disk Award Song Division)
f(x) - Electric Shock
Big Bang - Alive
K.Will - I Need You
2NE1 - I Love You
Secret - Poison
Huh Gak - Lacrimaso
T-ara - Lovey Dovey
miss A - Touch
Sistar - Alone
G-Dragon - Crayon
Psy - Gangnam Style

New Rising K-pop Star Award (Rookie)
Lee Hi

MSN International Award
Big Bang

Galaxy Star Award

Ceci Popularity Award

Instyle Fashionista Award
Lee Hong Ki (Infinite)

Best Hip Hop Star
Epik High

Single Album of the Year
Teen Top

#Listen Up for Round 2 - Digi rewards you for being polite + Namewee vs. Sharifah #Listen Dance Remix

Many parties have jumped on the #Listen bandwagon since the video of Sharifah Zobra Jarbeen publicly berating fellow law student Bawani K.S. in a forum become viral.

Namewee was caught in a singing battle with Sharifah in a new #Listen dance remix released today. Edited by our talented Dennis Lau, have a look at Listen Dance Remix Wee Meng Chee vs. Sharifah Zohra Jarbeen. I can guarantee you'll be laughing your ass off.

On the other hand, Malaysian telco Digi Telecommuniations rides on the bandwagon to market its prepaid plans after Nandos Malaysia asks you to listen to their problems about their chickens.

But Digi asks you to be polite in order to enjoy their best service to you :)

How to listen well? It's not only hearing. That's passive.

Do you get the sound through your ear? Yes - you're heard it. Do you get the information conveyed through the sound waves in the air? If you answered yes, you're listening.

So, listening is an active process in communication. Not only you do it with your ears but you do it with your mouth by asking appropriate questions. Want more? Go and read up Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

27th Golden Disk Award Result Day 1

Golden Disk Daesang Award (Album of the Year)
Super Junior (Sexy, Free & Single)

Disk Bonsang Award (Golden Disk Award Album Division) 
Infinite (Infinitize)
B1A4 (The B1A4)
FT Island (Grown Up)
4minute (Volume Up)
CN BLUE (3rd Mini Album Ear Fun)
BEAST (Midnight Sun)
KARA (Pandora)
Super Junior (Sexy, Free & Single)
SHINee (Sherlock)

New Rising Star Award (Rookie)

Best Dance Performance

New Generation Star Award

Best Group Performance

MSN South East Asia Award
Super Junior

Malaysia's Most Favourite Award
CN Blue

Most Popular Star Award

Producer of the Year
Han Sung Ho of FNC Entertainment

jTBC Best Artist AWard

Namewee and Nandos Malaysia parodies Sharifah Zohra Jabeen's #Listen

Since the video of Sharifah Zohra Jabeen berating a fellow university student Bawani K.S. has gone viral, Namewee has made a parody of her lines in his talk show, Namewee's Tokok. Namewee has got the mannerism. Hahaha!

Nandos Malaysia has joined the fun and created an ad for themselves!

But who's Sharifah Zohra Jabeen, actually?


Her full name is Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin. She is the President of the little known NGO Suara Wanita 1Malaysia (SW1M) and a Deputy Women's Chief of Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (KIMMA), a pro-UMNO/BN political party. You can conclude that she is not a pure blooded Malay but a Mamak (a reference for Indian Muslims).

I'm still curious to know which university was attended by Sharifah, since she claimed she holds a degree.

UPDATE: The current president of Malaysian Indina Muslim Congress stepped forward and told that Sharifah is no longer in the party and "hard to control".

Meme aside, UMNO leaders Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah (Deputy Higher Education Minister) and Khairy Jamaluddin went into damage control mode. Read more at The Malaysian Insider.

This is why Malaysia have never produced a Nobel Prize winner

On a Friday morning, I was back at my high school Methodist Boys' Secondary School in Kuala Lumpur for the retirement ceremony of a senior assistant, Mr Chin Nam Keong. He has served the school long and well. When I was a fellow student at the school, he was in the later part of his career as a teacher. After doing the math, I realised that 7 years has passed since I left the school.

I chatted up with a fellow teacher, Ms Chan Seok Choo who is now in charge of science subjects in the school (Ketua Bidang Sains, I'm sure every school has one). Told her about my experience of pursuing my tertiary education in Australia. Our conversation lead to the education system practised in Australia.

Ms Chan: So, tell me how was the Australian education system?

Me: Their education teaches you to have strong opinions on the stance you take. It's about speaking up and be heard.

Hearing that, she lamented how our Malaysian education system has yet to produce even one Nobel laureate. We have bright minds that are capable, but we are lacking the "seed" to nurture. The Australians have nurtured their young minds to have achieved such a feat. It's all because students are taught not to question what they have learnt. Spoon feeding is still the way to bring up the next generation.

Yesterday, a video from a student forum of Universiti Utara Malaysia (translation: Northern University, Malaysia) went viral over the Internet. You can watch the video below:

The video begins with an oath taking which the participants vow not to take part in any street demonstrations. As soon as the oath is read, immediately a flaw can be identified on the argument about street demonstration. I beg to differ that street demonstration is a way for dissatisfied public to themselves be heard; demonstrations can be peaceful as long as there is no provocation. To abstain oneself from taking to the street is to deny oneself a democratic channel to have one's opinion expressed.

The next best part is still to come, and it all started when the forum moderator (identified as Sharifah Zohra Jabeen) went to the floor and rudely took away the mic from a student.

The insults hurled at the fellow student only fueled my anger further:
  • Educational qualification is not a tool for intimidation.
  • Bersih leader Ambiga Sreenevasan is a proponent of anarchy?! This is such a wild accusation. Any well informed Malaysian should know what Bersih is all about.
  • "You have the very least of education," - Grrrrrr!!
  • All the animals' problems the moderator dragged in has only one purpose: to insult.
  • If the moderator can deny comparing Malaysia to other countries on education equity, then I can use the same reason to stop comparing Malaysia to South Korea or Singapore on broadband speed. Then we need not progress since there's no comparison and no need to learn from those who're better off.
At last, all participants were shown a video. With footages taken from disaster movies, it delivered a message meant for Muslim ears. The organiser has done an awesome job of ignoring the type of audience or rather, imposing religion on the audience.

If a person like her does not know how to show respect, it's not hard to imagine the people she represents are much, much worse. Where is our society heading to? Is this the product of Malaysian education that we are proud of?

In the 21st century, Malaysia continues to suppress student activism. Are we producing robots who merely follow the rules? What is the use of universities in our countries anyway if we are unable to nurture leaders? What's the point of having academics if their opinion are silenced?

Any surprise why no Nobel Prize winner has ever hailed from Malaysia?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Biorefresher: Honours year and Eureka Skydeck88!

Biorefresher 1: Starting my Honours year

Boss (Professor David Vaux) loaned me this iMac so that I can work right away! Returned it to him after I got my laptop.

This is my Macbook Pro that accompanied me throughout my Honours year. Changed the wallpaper to Girl's Day to personalise my computer.

I started my Bachelor of Science (Honours) at the prestigious Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne, in the Cell Signalling and Cell Death division. Was under the tutelage of Professor David Vaux for my project.

Biorefresher 2: Visited Eureka Skydeck88

Made a trip to the viewing deck of Eureka Building in the hot summer, after finishing my Honours course. You can have a good bird eye, 360 degree view of Melbourne - definitely not a place to miss.

Biorefresher 3: I got my degree: Bachelor of Science (degree with Honours)

After all the hard work, I got an upgrade to my Bachelor's degree! Thanks University of Melbourne, thanks Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, thanks members of Professor David Vaux and Associate Professor John Silke's labs! Not forgetting my family who supported me for this extra year. It's all worth it.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hello Venus - What Are You Doing Today?

Pledis Entertainment's girl group Hello Venus made a comeback as a full six member group in December 2012. I am so excited for this because this marks Yoonjo's first appearance in music shows.

During their debut, main vocalist Yoonjo injured a ligament at her ankle prior to filming of their debut MV "Venus". Due to this accident, Yoonjo only appeared in the parts without dancing. Hello Venus was forced to took to the stage with the remaining five members, Yoonjo's lines sung by lead vocalist Lime. I was saddened to hear that happening to a main vocalist.

Hello Venus is back with a mini album, with What Are You Doing Today as the title track. What I like about this upbeat track is its simple structure and easy to learn lyrics.

The method of using K-pop songs to learn Korean is becoming a trend among Hallyu fans, so a simple song like this is of great use to me at the beginner's level.


Hello Venus
Let’s Start
Verse 1
* Before the day ends, I want to see you
Before the sun sets, call call call (x2)
Verse 2
What if someone else takes you first?
(Just the thought of it makes me crazy with jealousy)
What to do with you, who is clearly superior in looks
(Just by looking at you, the sun shines from you)
Today, I will call you for sure, I won’t stand still and wait
Chorus 1
** Oh baby hello hello hello
Where are you right now?
Hello hello hello
What are you doing right now?
What to do? My heart rushes at your voice
Oh baby hello hello hello
What are you doing today?
Hello hello hello
Wanna meet up today? Yes, it’s you, you’re my first love
* Repeat
Verse 3
Who cares if I talk to you first?
(No one can block me, no one can stop me anyway)
What do you think about me next to you?
(My height is perfect for you, I’m perfect for you)
It doesn’t feel bad at all, I believe in this feeling, I’m calling you right now
** Repeat
Hey hello, come to me, look at me
My heart rushes again, like this, boom boom, it races, what to do?
I am your pretty girl
You are my sweety boy
I want you take it ma boy
Want you take it ma boy
Chorus 2
Oh baby hello hello hello
You in front of me
Hello hello hello
It’s not a dream right? What to do, my heart rushes, look at your face
Oh baby hello hello hello
Me in front of you
Hello hello hello
We face each other – yes it’s you, you’re my first love
** Repeat

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Democratic Action Party parodies Psy's "Gangnam Style" for elections

As part of their campaign for the upcoming 13th General Election in Malaysia, Democratic Action Party (DAP) 民主行动党 presented us a parody of a Korean viral hit, PSY's Gangnam Style.

Named Ubah Rocket Style, producer Tony Pua made every use of the visual elements found in the Korean original, putting together various issues affecting Malaysians ranging from corruption, rampant crime, environmental concerns to rising living costs in a hilarious way, the factor that drive Gangnam Style to go viral worldwide. References were also made to current affairs in Malaysia - how many can you name them?

The parody features special appearance of DAP politicians Karpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng and Liew Chin Tong.

English version

Malay version

Tamil version

Chinese version 乌巴火箭风

With the election fast approaching in less than 100 days, have you registered yourself to vote?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SPEED's "Sad Promise"/"It's My Fault" drama ver.

SPEED, the subunit of Co-Ed School has released the drama version of "Sad Promise" after the dance version of the MV.

This is not just an MV for a song. I like how Core Contents Media is using an dramatic MV to remind us about a historical event that shook the nation (South Korea). The video deals with Gwangju Uprising that happened in the 1980s and centred around four civilians played by Son Na Eun, Park Bo Young, Ji Chang Wook and Ha Seok Jin.

Here are the translations for the words that appear at the end:

During May 18, 1980 Gwangju Democratic Uprising, 163 were killed, 166 went missing, 101 died from injuries, 3,139 were injured, 1,589 were arrested and/or jailed and 5 unidentified people were buried under nameless tombstones; total 5,189 people were verified as victims.
Still many of survivors are still suffering from PTSD and many people who were traumatized by the shock and still remember vividly those moments are suffering from depression, panic attack & alcohol addiction.
5.18 Democratic Uprising subsequently became the power source of the persistent democratic movements. In 2011, the importance of 5.18 Democratic Uprising was recognized by UNESCO which archived it as World Human Rights Documentary Heritage.
Eventually the spring of democracy came to Gwangju.
We're dedicating this music video to those who participated in the democratic movements.

I am expecting a sequel, drama ver. of It's Over to be released soon! Can't wait to see how the story will play out.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Love Survey by DanKhoo Productions

Guys and girls do not have the same idea on how they meet their partner. And they see each other with a different yardstick.

Oh, why even the discrepancy on how they met?

A sequel is teased at the end of the clip and I can't wait for it!

Dan Khoo Koo Siew Li Jeremy Choy Bryan Alexander Lim Kimberly Yong