Saturday, February 8, 2014

Deteriorating quality of education in Malaysia

Are we making a fool of ourselves with straight A's and Distinctions in public examinations and yet the system itself is questioned? Bad education not only affects our kids but also put the future of the country in jeopardy. The era of globalisation is raising the bar for the future generation, but given that our education is so appalling that it failed to meet expected learning outcomes, I don't think our education is capable of answering the questions posed tomorrow. Heck, we can't even answer the question on which medium of instruction for Mathematics and Science properly.

The rich can afford to send their kids to tuition centres or private schools but what about poor peasants in rural areas? They'll be the biggest losers under the system!

Education should prepare us to answer questions that are yet to be posed.

Although the video below was part of DAP's campaign message during General Election 2013, its message is still relevant as of today.

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