Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Birthday to A Pink's Son Naeun #2Our1Naeun

My bias Son Na Eun 손나은 is celebrating her 21st birthday today!

She's the most visually appealing member of the group, and hence takes up the position of visual of A Pink. She's also holding the position of lead dancer who's important for "leading" dance moves in the chorus part of songs.

Na Eun has also called herself the "centre" of A Pink. Amazingly, the title fits her so well for a few thigns! She is the tallest and having the median age among her members. Won't go wrong if you place her in the centre if you want to take group photos of A Pink right? And since she's also the visual, she's also the visual centre.

Fans had been calling her Son Yeoshin (literally, Son Goddess) for her unmatched beauty.

She's the spokesmodel for Peripera, a South Korean cosmetic brand.

And got featured in pictorials for a few magazines!

SURE Magazine.

Arena magazine.

My Na Eun can be such a dork :P

She's constantly improving! Although being the visual, she's becoming more and more listenable in her singing. I had a big eye opener when she sang the bridge for her latest comeback song NoNoNo.

She's also an actress! She made her acting debut in The Great Seer but I didn't watch it. After I finished my Honours year, I watched Childless Comfort for her, even though she didn't have much screen time. But after I got back to Malaysia, I can't really watch the full drama but decided to watch cuts of her instead.

Happy Birthday to Son Yeoshin!

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Photo credits to A Pink Malaysia Community.

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