Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Pink's impending comeback on 31 March 2014

Earlier this year, A Pink members hinted about an impending comeback through variety shows. I believe about their comeback but not about the date. There's simply no way to finalise everything in a short time. But when I heard about the confirmation, I became so excited to see what the girls are going to bring me!

I'm happy that the girls are bringing me something in the earlier months of the year. Their NoNoNo/Secret Garden comeback took quite a long time, to be honest.

What's up this time? At first, A Pink revealed photos with a mature concept:

I suddenly had a feeling that the members have grown up! From the innocent, cute concept they have reached maturity.

They are set to release a mini album entitled Pink Blossom when it's time. Guess the album will contain six tracks.

You can have a sneak peek of the songs below:

Not long ago, A Cube Entertainment released another video teaser, this time with a cute concept that I've used to. The members are watching a tennis match! Does it suggest the Mr. Chu they're singing about is a tennis star?

It's said that Mr. Chu will be about the nervousness of a first kiss! Come on, let the excitement burns. I am waiting for mine, when will it come?

All I need to do now, is to sit back and relax till end of the month!

What A Pink has for me this time?

But, I don't forget..........

... to count on her too!

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