Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Razer showgirl at PC Fair 2014

I had a chance to check out Razer products at PC Fair @ KLCC! I have heard of this brand a lot, especially among the gaming community. Indeed their equipment is specialized for the purpose of gaming! What's driving them? The brand goes by the tagline By Gamers, For Gamers.

I had a rare opportunity to get my hands on Razer products. Why I had to wait until PC Fair? I had worked in an IT hyperstore as a sales personnel, and I haven't got the chance to try them all my life! The only assurance is, Razer will not disappoint you with its big name.

Since I got this golden opportunity then I must try them, right?

Oh let me tell you how the name Razer come about. Whenever you speak of the name, it sounds like 'razor'. Razor is simply, a blade used to remove body hair, and they must be sharp. Its Chinese name is 雷蛇, which translates to "lightning snake". Have you noticed that its logo is made up of three snakes? There you go.

At a table of Razer booth are colourful headphones! These colourful stuff lack microphones. I was sooo starstruck.

They are Razer Kraken Neon that comes in four colours. Just basically Razer Kraken that comes in assorted colours. Used for gaming, and the bass is thumpy.

I got a chance to pick up Razer Adaro headphone that hit the shelves not long ago! Unlike the Kraken headphones, Adaro is designed to be a lifestyle product. It has a mellow bass.

Can you see the three snakes arranged in a triskelion?

Let's be pretty with a Razer headphone :)

Looks like she's happy with the headphone! Besides that, I tried Razer Hammerhead earphones. The earphones are superb and sports mellow bass.

Stay tuned for more showgirls from PC Fair! See you again.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My take on i-Rocks ROCK series M09 mouse and C10 mouse pad

First impressions
On my first look, I could easily tell its bilateral symmetry complete in its black matte finishing. Its series name, along with a monster head in the dark, stood imposingly at the back. But finding the side buttons on the left immediately corrected my initial assumption about its ambidexterity.


The M09 is a fully plug n’ play device. I was impressed that I-Rocks had taken the extra mile to plate its USB plug with gold. Whilst the gold plating may not give me an extra advantage during use, it certainly does make the plug last longer under repeated plugging and unplugging, given that gold corrodes slower than other metals.

Grabbing the mouse with a palm grip, there was no plastic feel thanks to its matte surface. The M09 fitted easily in my hand. Noting that the mouse had been designed to fit small Asian hands, Westerners with large palms may find the M09 too small to be comfortable. The grooves, located at each side towards the front, allowed my thumb to rest comfortably. The convex surface behind the groove gave support to my thumb muscles.

I knew I had to adjust the mouse’s sensitivity when my cursor doesn’t move at the speed I’m comfortable with. Thanks to on-the-fly adjustable switches, located at the bottom of the mouse, I need not reach for Windows’ mouse settings. Three choices are available for each switch: 125/500/1000 Hz for report rate and 500/1000/1750 dpi for resolution. All I need is to pick a switch combination that works and I’m ready to go.

Actuation force of left and right buttons worked just fine. The side buttons functions as Front and Back buttons in a web browser, respectively. As for its wheel, I had no problems scrolling a Word document or a web page with it and like its tactile feedback for a discrete feel. However, I needed to press the wheel harder than usual for situations like opening a link in a new tab.

Complementing the M09 mouse is the C10 mouse pad. The mouse pad is thick, providing support for my wrist. What I like about the mouse pad is its silky smooth surface that provides a seamless glide with little friction.

To sum it up, if you are looking for a solid and ergonomic mouse for everyday use, RM 90 is a worthy cause for the I-Rocks M09. There are no drivers to tweak, making it attractive for an average user. As for the accompanying mouse pad, it is a little pricey (RM 55), you may only consider it when you are serious about the smooth gliding experience.

*product photos courtesy of i-Rocks

A Pink Dodol Launcher theme

I know this has been around for a while, but I'm going to introduce you a cool way to customise your Android smartphone!

I was glad to hear about A Pink's release of new song Mr. Chu and also mini album Pink Blossom, and I couldn't be happier to download a theme that showcase my favourite group. To be honest, I like to keep my Samsung Galaxy S3 free from clutter of apps and hardly try out new apps. Who knows some badly made apps are there to cause some trouble right?

But not this time! I trust my idols, so I decided to give it a try.

What I'm showing is the Pink version of A Pink theme. The blue version is also available.

You'll need to install dodol launcher to be able to install the theme.

These are my social networking apps in my phone. I was wondering, where do I access all my installed apps in my phone. You guess it right, by tapping "Apink" (bottom right hand corner) and you're in!

I like it when I get to turn some functions ON or OFF on my phone without having to pull down to the notifications screen.

Tapping on A Pink members' photobook can be my favourite pastime when I'm bored. I never get tired of viewing their album jacket photos. They're always beautiful to my eyes :)

The theme is so awesome right? Here are the steps to download it:

1. Download dodol laucher from Google Play store.

2. Download either the Pink theme ......

..... or the Blue theme.
or BOTH if you want!!!! I have both themes in my S3.

There are many themes available for dodol launcher, from very good designers! The choices doesn't stop with A Pink. You can start exploring them in Google Play store. 

Have fun trying my readers!

Friday, April 18, 2014

RIP Karpal Singh

Mom asked me to sleep over in grandma's house because uncle was away in Guangdong. I had my first sleepover in grandma's house in over 20 years, the last being when I was a little kid nagging my mom to allow me to stay overnight in grandma's house (hahaha I was like that).

Grandma woke me up the next day at 8.10 am. When I woke up, I checked my Twitter feed. Something was not right when I saw potraits of Karpal Singh along with the caption 1940-2014. Hell no, Karpal Singh passed away in a car accident! Immediately I broke the shocking news to grandma. I said, Karpal need not go to jail, but he's gone forever now.

Karpal Singh, you've left us too soon. We need you for a better Malaysia. May your sons carry your legacy. Rest in peace, Tiger of Jelutong.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy 19th Birthday to A Pink's Kim Nam Joo #남주4MyLove

It's the birthday of A Pink's 2nd lead vocalist Kim Nam Joo 김남주 金南珠!

My first impression of her during her debut? Wasn't used to her appearance back then. But I noted her for positive energy!

She's called "seducing idol". For that you'll have to look up videos of "Hush" in music shows.

If you're looking for a cute girl, you can consider her! I remembered EunJi would like to introduce Nam Joo to her co-star (in her opinion) and said Nam Joo is cute, back in A Pink's "Tell the Truth".

In the first episode of A Pink News season 1, Nam Joo claimed to speak better Chinese than Na Eun! Hahaha. But why not try speaking to her in Chinese during a fan meet?

Happy birthday Kim Nam Joo! She's 19 years old already. If you're a fan, don't forget to trend #남주4MyLove in Twitter & Facebook!

Photo credits to A Pink Malaysia Community from A Pink's fancafe, Facebook & KakaoTalk.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Lenovo girls at PC Fair

During consumer fairs I can always see these girls with revealing dress! These people are called showgirls. What do you think they do?

Their job is to distribute flyers to you, right? I can hire anybody to do that, but nobody will remember my brand. But I know many have an eye for pretty girls and will stop by to have a look. Now everybody remembers my brand even though they didn't buy anything from me! Isn't this a good move?

But when you ask showgirls about product information, in most cases they won't know!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mr. Chu - A Pink

Two weeks ago I was awaiting my favourite group A Pink's comeback with an anticipating heart. When the MV was finally out, I can't wait to have my first click to see how it turns out. The group gained attention for their group as well as individual schedules for dramas, variety shows and product endorsements. I can't say enough how much I love the group, so that makes me a proud Panda haha. Each member in A Pink has individual charms and unique personalities, not forgetting that makes them entertaining to watch as well.

A Pink is showing us their mini album, Pink Blossom that contains six tracks. The title track, Mr. Chu comes in two versions, the on stage and normal version. Mr. Chu sings of a young girl in love, with her heart beat in excitement and anticipation of the first kiss from her boy.

The music video brought fourth the notion of tennis. Instead of the searing heat of an ordinary outdoor tennis court I see everyday, the opening of the MV used a pink-light blue colour scheme to elicit a tranquil and cool feeling, breaking the monotony of the place. The mellow piano adds forth to the tranquility at the opening. This MV made it easy to the eye and ears right from the start, I'm impressed that the production team has nailed it.

Naeun has improved a lot vocally compared to her debut. I really like her first line that ended in a low pitch, that she sang it so well that it gave a lasting impression - she is the visual of the group who can sing!

Another member to watch is Namjoo. Fans has believed her to be capable of hitting the high notes and being treated to this expectation in Mr. Chu!

Leader Chorong was given her opportunity to shine too! I guess this song has her best vocal performance. I really like her line "It's so lovely, lovely, sarang seureowo". She's so lovable, always!

Guess the giving of presents till they overflow the tennis players' locker is the running gag in the MV.

The plus point is, the tennis player who's the members' interest actually showed up in the video!

If you haven't notice, the members were dressed in female tennis player outfit in some parts of the MV. Also in this frame, the tennis balls started bouncing spontaneously, marking where the beat starts in the song.

When it comes to the bridge at Chorong's, it transferred naturally to Namjoo. As for the rest of the song and MV, the production team has taken the utmost care that I can find no rough edges that will be subject to criticism. It's such a well made MV!

One month to first kiss! And also, it's the date of comeback as well.



When I see you once, I wanna see you two more times
When I see you twice, three times, I want to hug you even more
I want to put on couple rings with you and walk together on this street

Even when I see you every day, I like you even more
Even when I pinch myself two times, three times
It’s like I’m dreaming, dreaming, I smile just at the thought of you

Mr. Chu, on my lips, chu, sweetly, chu, I lose all strength in my body
You shake up my heart, you shake me up
I’m falling falling for your love

Hey you, on my lips, chu, every day with you, when I see you, my eyes close
Will you secretly come to me and kiss me again?
You’re like my dream, you’re my Mr. Chu

I can’t forget the soft feeling, my hot face is getting red
It’s so lovely, lovely, I keep liking you more

Mr. Chu, on my lips, chu, sweetly, chu, I lose all strength in my body
You shake up my heart, you shake me up
I’m falling falling for your love

Hey you, on my lips, chu, every day with you, when I see you, my eyes close
Will you secretly come to me and kiss me again?
You’re like my dream, you’re my

Listen to my wish, I hope an eternal love will come true
I hope this electrifying feeling never changes
Always look at only me baby

Mr. Chu, on my lips, chu, sweetly, chu, I lose all strength in my body
You shake up my heart, you shake me up
I’m falling falling for your love

Hey you, on my lips, chu, every day with you, when I see you, my eyes close
Will you secretly come to me and kiss me again?
You’re like my dream, you’re my Mr. Chu

translation credits: Pop!Gasa