Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Pink Dodol Launcher theme

I know this has been around for a while, but I'm going to introduce you a cool way to customise your Android smartphone!

I was glad to hear about A Pink's release of new song Mr. Chu and also mini album Pink Blossom, and I couldn't be happier to download a theme that showcase my favourite group. To be honest, I like to keep my Samsung Galaxy S3 free from clutter of apps and hardly try out new apps. Who knows some badly made apps are there to cause some trouble right?

But not this time! I trust my idols, so I decided to give it a try.

What I'm showing is the Pink version of A Pink theme. The blue version is also available.

You'll need to install dodol launcher to be able to install the theme.

These are my social networking apps in my phone. I was wondering, where do I access all my installed apps in my phone. You guess it right, by tapping "Apink" (bottom right hand corner) and you're in!

I like it when I get to turn some functions ON or OFF on my phone without having to pull down to the notifications screen.

Tapping on A Pink members' photobook can be my favourite pastime when I'm bored. I never get tired of viewing their album jacket photos. They're always beautiful to my eyes :)

The theme is so awesome right? Here are the steps to download it:

1. Download dodol laucher from Google Play store.

2. Download either the Pink theme ......

..... or the Blue theme.
or BOTH if you want!!!! I have both themes in my S3.

There are many themes available for dodol launcher, from very good designers! The choices doesn't stop with A Pink. You can start exploring them in Google Play store. 

Have fun trying my readers!

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