Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy 19th Birthday to A Pink's Kim Nam Joo #남주4MyLove

It's the birthday of A Pink's 2nd lead vocalist Kim Nam Joo 김남주 金南珠!

My first impression of her during her debut? Wasn't used to her appearance back then. But I noted her for positive energy!

She's called "seducing idol". For that you'll have to look up videos of "Hush" in music shows.

If you're looking for a cute girl, you can consider her! I remembered EunJi would like to introduce Nam Joo to her co-star (in her opinion) and said Nam Joo is cute, back in A Pink's "Tell the Truth".

In the first episode of A Pink News season 1, Nam Joo claimed to speak better Chinese than Na Eun! Hahaha. But why not try speaking to her in Chinese during a fan meet?

Happy birthday Kim Nam Joo! She's 19 years old already. If you're a fan, don't forget to trend #남주4MyLove in Twitter & Facebook!

Photo credits to A Pink Malaysia Community from A Pink's fancafe, Facebook & KakaoTalk.