Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Razer showgirl at PC Fair 2014

I had a chance to check out Razer products at PC Fair @ KLCC! I have heard of this brand a lot, especially among the gaming community. Indeed their equipment is specialized for the purpose of gaming! What's driving them? The brand goes by the tagline By Gamers, For Gamers.

I had a rare opportunity to get my hands on Razer products. Why I had to wait until PC Fair? I had worked in an IT hyperstore as a sales personnel, and I haven't got the chance to try them all my life! The only assurance is, Razer will not disappoint you with its big name.

Since I got this golden opportunity then I must try them, right?

Oh let me tell you how the name Razer come about. Whenever you speak of the name, it sounds like 'razor'. Razor is simply, a blade used to remove body hair, and they must be sharp. Its Chinese name is 雷蛇, which translates to "lightning snake". Have you noticed that its logo is made up of three snakes? There you go.

At a table of Razer booth are colourful headphones! These colourful stuff lack microphones. I was sooo starstruck.

They are Razer Kraken Neon that comes in four colours. Just basically Razer Kraken that comes in assorted colours. Used for gaming, and the bass is thumpy.

I got a chance to pick up Razer Adaro headphone that hit the shelves not long ago! Unlike the Kraken headphones, Adaro is designed to be a lifestyle product. It has a mellow bass.

Can you see the three snakes arranged in a triskelion?

Let's be pretty with a Razer headphone :)

Looks like she's happy with the headphone! Besides that, I tried Razer Hammerhead earphones. The earphones are superb and sports mellow bass.

Stay tuned for more showgirls from PC Fair! See you again.

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