Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Best Corporate April Fools Prank

Traditionally, I'd love pull some pranks on my friends on April Fools' Day. It's fun to prank on your friends, but one thing to bear in mind is to avoid practical pranks that'll cause unnecessary hardship or worse, ruins someone's plan for the day. Or else, if you don't choose to prank on your friends, you can choose to present yourself in some ways that's so-not-you, after all this is harmless and even better than doing things on your friends right? Maybe I should try this next year!

Some big companies pulled some big pranks on us! What they offered on April Fools'?

Google: Pokemon Challenge

Pokemon has come to life on Earth! Google is hiring Pokemon Masters to join their team. All you need to do is to catch 150 Pokemons to complete the Pokedex.

Sony Power Foods

The same fuel that powers ourselves for thousands of years can be harnessed to power our electronics, knowing that we're always searching for power sources should our devices run out of juice.

Samsung UK: WiFi using pigeons in cities

Samsung seeks to address the shortage of Internet in cities with the Fli-Fy technology.

Ninetology: U9i1

Ninetology U9i1

I almost fell for this prank. It impressed me that us Malaysians has pushed technology to new frontiers with the world's first transparent smartphone, even putting Samsung to shame. Malaysia boleh!

Ocado's 42-inch tablet

Online food retailer plans to introduce their 42 inch tablet, dubbed the "#sLablet" to consumers. It has a 12 megapixel HD camera. Comes with image stabilisation so your hands won't get tired when taking selfie.

Are you rushing to buy any of these? Wake up, they're just April Fool pranks!

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