Sunday, May 4, 2014

GoPro showgirls

Since its inception, PC Fair grows from merely a consumer fair for sale of computers to a technology showcase to the delight of tech enthusiasts. It's not hard to check out what's in store for you, as well as what's upcoming in the market.

As with any exhibitions, PC Fair is very big, featuring lots of exhibitors and takes up large halls. A useful tip to navigate exhibitions is to do a quick walkthrough from the entrance to the exit during your first round to get a rough idea of the exhibition layout and who the exhibitors are. After doing a quick round, you can decide which booth you want to visit. Exit and re-enter the exhibition and then only start checking out the exhibitors & exhibits in detail.

In consumer fairs, age of visitors is never an issue. But if you're attending a trade show, rules such as minimum age, dress code and sometimes types of visitors (general public or business only) will apply.

GoPro cameras are meant for extreme sports. Have you seen videos in first person view doing extreme sports? They're probably shot with GoPro cameras.

GoPro cameras are compact and light to serve their purpose. They can be mounted on helmets, harness and even surfboards for a wide variety of activities including biking, climbing, surfing, flying, skating, etc.

One side of the showgirls' outfit. And I'm showing them in their entirety.

The other side of the showgirls' outfit. I noticed even their shoes were identical!

This is GoPro's current model in the market, the Hero3+, mounted on a selfie monopod.

The trigger unit.

That's how you use a GoPro camera to take a selca/selfie!

You can visit GoPro's official website at to find out more about their products. More PC Fair 2014 showgirls to come!

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