Monday, May 5, 2014

Logitech's Dota2 challenge and Powershell

Many would have assumed that goods sold at PC Fair or other shows come at a discounted price, however such an assumption can turn out to be false at times. It's advisable to check with the shop before buying, especially if the product cost a lot. Try calling up the exhibitors' home base (the shop where the exhibitor normally do business) by phone to check on the price. Let's say Canon is exhibiting at PC Fair and you wanna buy a printer priced RM 1000 and above, make sure you ring up Canon's concept store in Low Yat Plaza to ask about the price.

Years ago, I did the same and decided not to buy at PC Fair due to the fact that the same product was sold at a lower price in Low Yat Plaza, by the same shop.

Logitech is no stranger to me. The brand is known for its keyboards, mouse and other computer accessories. Recently the brand decided to venture into gamers' market.

I stopped by Logitech's booth for a visit, and the booth was having a 1 versus 1 Dota2 challenge. Visitors were able to challenge a player in a duel to bring home a Logitech mouse pad, should they win the game.

As this player was completely immersed in her game, I watched her fingers pressing on the keys with impeccable dexterity. Pressing the keys activates many functions like using an item or unleashing a skill of her game character.

The Logitech Powershell was a product to behold. The Powershell was designed to worked with iPhone 5 series and turn the phone into a game console familiar to mobile gamers.

I am showing all of you one more showgirl who worked for Garmin tomorrow, and that shall conclude my PC Fair posts.

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