Sunday, May 18, 2014

My encounter with gamer girls!

Yours truly has started his career in the gaming industry, and he is getting a taste of it. Moving away from his academic life, he is now discovering the meaning of fun!

I came to know about Summer Liew as a gaming personality since I started working with Duskbin. She was at Viewnet Hyperstore for Logitech G Dota2 event to take on anyone with the guts to play against her! I went there to see her in action.

Since there were free slots, a chap suggested me to take up the challenge and play against her. The last time I ever touched an MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game was in my days at HELP University College studying Edexcel A Level. My coursemates played Dota in the student activities area, and I observed them. I learned about playing Dota a little, but yours truly is never a person who neglects classtime for sheer enjoyment.

Fast forward a few years, I had to pick up Dota2 from scratch, and played against Summer Liew as a total newbie.

I discovered another gaming ulzzang Wynnie Mynimo, and I clicked the 'Like' button on her page without a second thought.

My company was sponsoring a Mission Against Terror (short: MAT) tournament at Tbun II Wangsa Maju. I saw a girl in red with impressive bangs, and also a complexion so eye catching. I guessed she must be Wynnie, and turned out I was right.

She plays MAT and hold live streams of her game regularly on Twitch. A Taiwanese site has a collection of her pictures, so go check out to get to know her better! Link

Where do you find them? Here are their Facebook pages:

Summer Liew


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