Friday, May 2, 2014

PC Fair Monkey King showgirl & Mascots

I was excited to check out PC Fair back in home, for I didn't get to enjoy consumer fairs overseas. On and off, there'll be consumer fairs to keep us entertained, a unique culture that's truly Malaysian.

There was another showgirl at the Razer booth!

Huge teddy bear! I wanna hug him. Let's say hi to him.

Epson was selling bottled, refillable inks. Believe it or not, they're Epson's original accessories. And these bottled inks are economical.

Hey yellow!

Next I visited Monkey King 大闹天宫 booth. It's a browser based MMORPG accessible from Facebook.

The showgirl was one of my favourite.

What I like about her was her good smile. I hope to see her again next time!

Cosplayers dressed up as characters of Monkey King - can you name them?

I was using a point-and-shoot camera for the photos. I think I am hitting upon the limitation of my equipment, maybe I should think of an upgrade soon!

Part 1: Asus girl
Part 2: Lenovo girls
Part 3: Razer girl
Part 4: Monkey King & Epson Mascots
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Part 7: Garmin girl

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