Saturday, May 17, 2014

You Pee on the Wall, I Pee on You!

Happy Saturday folks! How was your week? It's time to take a break and be refreshed!

Whenever I have the urge to pee, my first instinct is to find a toilet. That's common sense right? But if I'm in a forest or cemetery, I'll always say, "Please let me," before I began.

Having access to proper toilet facilities, toilet can be taken for granted. In India, people actually pee on the street! I can't believe this. Common sense tells us this can lead to many public health problems. Quoting The Star, peeing on the street leaves unsightly smells and markings, also poses hygiene hazard and encouraging the spread of bacteria.

How to solve the nuisance of people urinating on the street? In a video entitled The Pissing Tanker, an anonymous group returns the favour with high pressure water jets on offenders:

The effect is rather hilarious. Offenders were caught pants down, struggling to put back their trousers as water jets gushed onto them. This just served them right!

The outlaws must be given a rude awakening for them to stop, for telling them nicely won't work.

So if you're in Mumbai, you've better think twice about relieving yourself in public because this truck (above) comes like a thief.

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