Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Opportunity will present itself (Part 1)

After months of waiting, I'm finally proud to say that I'm now a graduate student. My study takes place at The University of Nottingham Malaysia campus in Semenyih, and I'm now one and a half months into my research project.

At the beginning of the year, I blogged about applying to Singapore. The application took me much effort to prepare, I had to read many papers to prepare a research proposal and also sat for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). The application eventually didn't materialise, and I was disappointed with the outcome. But, hindsight tells me things actually turned out to be much better than I've imagined.

My journey from Viewnet Hyperstore to i-Rocks Malaysia was kind of an adventure. While I was explaining a product to customers, the distributor of i-Rocks expressed interest in me, and hence my journey to i-Rocks Malaysia. Opportunity presents itself in ways you never imagined possible. My take home message is, be faithful to your work and the reward will come to you at the appropriate timing.

Had I not worked at Viewnet I wouldn't have met the opportunity.

Working with i-Rocks Malaysia presented new things to learn about, I learnt about the world of gaming, specifically Dota2. I learnt about the special demands of professional gaming. I learnt about mechanical keyboards and their advantages. I learnt about doing public relations. I learnt about managing gaming tournaments. I got to meet people like Summer Liew and Wynnie.

But I've experienced the world class Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. No doubt I contributed to the society in some way or the other and moved things forward. Deep in my heart, I wanted something more.

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