Saturday, November 29, 2014

Teaser photos for A Pink's Pink LUV comeback

At the beginning of the month A Pink hinted at a possible comeback with sweet macarons. I can't say anymore how I love the fairies and the songs they produce. Their pieces are epitome of quality work that keeps me interested and desiring more of them.

The members had been teasing about their upcoming album for the past two weeks with pretty pictures.

My personal favourite is the first picture that was released. I like the lush greenery behind the girls, set in a garden. The girls looks simple, yet cute. They did a good job blending nature with their charms. I don't care about this bearing a similarity to a particular photographer's work [link]. Thanks to A Pink, this photographer was made known to fans.

The album release was pushed back to November 24, approximately one week from the original date of Nov 17. I don't exactly know the reason but I was rest assured the song is there for us fans already.

The concept of the new song remains shrouded in mystery. A Pink wants us to find out when the MV finally comes!

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