Sunday, December 28, 2014

Being used - part 2

I have vented my displeasure towards this "friend" of mine in Part 1. I've acted nice in front of him and his family but that doesn't mean I am totally comfortable with him.

Flashback to the year when I was in second or third year of university....

I was in an outing with my college mates from my days at HELP University College. While I was strolling in The Curve, he rang me up asking me out for yum cha (catching up over a drink). I agreed (in hindsight that was a foolish decision to make, but if not, I would not get to blog about this). So that means ending my outing there and then because of the time factor.

I ended up in Jaya One with his group of friends. Suddenly he talked about attending a Saturday church event with his friends all without asking for my say over the matter. In so he committed an utter disrespect of me, but I kept quiet to save him face.

He even claimed that the event in the church is an annually held paid event.

I was brought to Full Gospel Assembly (FGA) along Old Klang Road.

And guess what? It was an ordinary service conducted in Chinese, free of charge. I was feeling pissed for being cheated like this. How are you supposed to represent Jesus like this?


It was the next week, he called me up for a yum cha near Old Klang Road in the afternoon. The catch up session ended and I was supposed to meet dad at Bangsar. Public transport weren't efficient but I was supposed to commit myself to go.

And guess what? With his friends, he manipulated me to attend the church service. So I called up dad mentioning that I can't go with him.

It was co-incidence that my church friend from Planetshakers in Melbourne was attending the same service. I thoroughly didn't enjoy the service. To put it in words, I didn't feel the Holy Spirits' presence.

After the service, back in my house, I rang up my Melbourne friend and complained of the mistreatment I've got.


It was my final week for holiday since I have to be back in Melbourne for studies. I attended the Saturday night service, but this time with my Melbourne church mate. The church members told me about an investigation launched when they heard my complaint, and punished those responsible for it.

It has been close to two years since I came back to Malaysia for finishing my fourth year, and that's the reason I didn't bother to contact my "friend".

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