Monday, December 22, 2014

Being used

At this moment, I have a reason not to feel good. I have been thinking of a recent episode when I felt used by someone.

This person is a high school junior of mine. In my high school, for some reason, I was feeling down. Apart from getting good results, most parts of my high school were bitter memories. Looking back in hindsight, I had friends who cared for me no matter what, but that was also a weak spot for devils to take advantage. He looked like a good friend, but when I was too sad to notice any hidden agenda in him.

I have known him for years. Since returning to Malaysia after I finished my degree, I actually never bothered to contact him. I remembered what he did to me years ago which I wasn't pleased - I shall talk about that episode in another blog post. Just very recently, not long after I started my graduate studies at University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, he messaged me through Facebook to reconnect with me. Perhaps I should forgive him, and give him another chance. I joined him for one activity. After that, he started asking me out for a few of his activities but I did not join.

In an evening, while I was busy with cell culture stuff on campus, he rang me out about an activity that night. That was a last minute call indeed. He mentioned about a medical specialist delivering a talk and wanted me to accompany him. After I finished my cell culture work I made the journey from Semenyih to Sri Petaling.

When I arrived he said what... "You missed the best part [by the speaker]!" I was actually a little offended to hear that, but I kept it to my heart, if he had considered how troublesome it was for me to come on short notice, and the journey I took. Then, I was brought into a seminar room where the talk was held. I was asked to made a payment of a small sum which I wasn't told about - wasn't too happy about it, but I kept my cool largely.

And guess what? The speaker did talk about some valid points about nutrition indeed, but the crux of the matter was to sell me nutritional supplements! The proper name for this kind of "talk" or "seminar" should be called a product party. The ploy to used by this junior of mine is to mention about some prominent/famous/successful person will be speaking only to con me to a product party! The language used by the speaker wasn't so difficult to understand. Even though I spent no penny, a few hours of my time will be out.

I looked up and saw white plastic bottles used to package nutritional supplements, each displaying its product label prominently, standing on shelves attached to walls. I've been seeing similar products in the past, in childhood and adulthood, knowing that these supplements aren't cheap to buy. Very well, a sign of what my junior is up to, even though years have passed.

Then, I turned my head to the back and noticed two portraits, each displaying a couple. I supposed they are married couples. I recalled seeing one of the portraits which I saw a few years back, at another place - the husband and wife who are members of a particular direct selling company. Another blatant giveaway! A few years may have passed, but I certainly remember.

Don't treat me like a fool anymore. I spent none of my money on a single product (except the entry fee); in the future I ain't got time for that. What do you suppose a friend is for?

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