Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Garmin's cutiepie

My uncle decided to buy a laser printer for office use, in the last hours before Pikom PC Fair 3 ends! From my grandma's house, we drove to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre to make our hunt.

I kid you not, he was looking for a very specific printer. Due to high volume of prints in the office, he was looking for a heavy duty model capable of printing 10,000 pages from a single toner. Most laser printers are incapable of doing that. And, we eventually found a good deal: lease to own a printer. Basically, my uncle only needs to pay a fixed amount per month for 3 years to have the printer shipped to his office. Toner exchange and maintenance will be taken care by the vendor. Sounds very very good!

And then, at the Garmin booth, I found the same showgirl again! I was hoping to stumble upon her again because my friend said she's very pretty.

*photos taken with my Samsung Galaxy S3

In my last installment, I dubbed her the best showgirl around PC Fair.

This time around I took the opportunity to ask for her contact, so I'll know who she is and won't forget her again! She's known as Gummy Sy. Go follow her on Facebook & message her if you have modelling jobs.

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