Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Joyce Chu - Like Me and it's parody

Cutie pie Joyce Chu Zhu Ai released her third digital single in early December. The single, entitled Like Me, describes the digital lives of the current young generation - phubbing on one's phone and frequenting essential online serivces Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp to name a few. Over time, these services become popular and their names adopted as verbs.

Not only that, Like Me also mentions about the elation of getting responses for one's social post and interactions on the net.

In response to Joyce's single, a fellow netizen from Penang released Chiak Ha Mi (Eat What?) sung in Penang Hokkien, a dialect of Chinese. Set on a theme of Penang food, he parodied Like Me with perfect rhyming lyrics. Elements parodied includes waking up from the bed, brushing teeth and riding a bicycle.

Netizens praised the parody for its creativity. Joyce Chu watched the video and commented, "Hahaha I'm laughing my ass off!"

Since the video only contained original lyric in its description I shall provide the English translation here.

Translation of the parody:
I wake up early only to grope on my cold bed
I'm only brushing my teeth once in three years
I wake up early only to find that I've forgotten to charge the battery of my phone
What should I do today?

What should I eat today? McD or KFC?
I dream of going to Japan to have sushi
What am I looking at? I can't bear to look at the prices in the menu
I don't have cash, so I can only eat up myself

Hokkien noodles, curry noodles, wan tan noodles
Rice vermicilli noodles, spagetti, tom yam noodles
I don't care it's lo mee or Javanese mee
Add more ingredients, add spiciness, add size and take them away

Eating bread, drinking coffee, take a selfie
They're not cheap and tasteless, so dissapointing!
I don't care [the restaurants] are air conditioned or not, hotel or street hawkers
It's better to eat Maggie mee at home
Like this happy

I want to go out but my butt sticks on the chair
But staying at home there are only expired milk in the refrigerator left
Why I have to take a cab even when I'm penniless?
Today I'm so angry!

Looking at Facebook there are lots of cute girls
Whenever I ask them out they regenade
I gave them a call but they ask me to go f*** myself
I give up so I call for delivery at home





Lo Mee, curry noodles, la mee, Hokkien noodles
Maggie Mee lah

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