Monday, December 15, 2014

My journey as a fan of Felixia Yeap @ Raisyyah Rania Yeap

I have been following Felixia Yeap since her days of doing sexy shoot and being the first and only Playboy Bunny from Malaysia. She undergone a 180 degree change that took her fandom by surprise. It has been a while since she started donning the Muslim headscarf (hijab). By the time I pen this down, much has calmed down.

Pre-Hijab Felixia

The time I discovered about Felixia was on Facebook, already a Playboy Bunny. Fellow property developer Eric Yong has written about her a few times, featuring her with the tag Blogger Hotties. Photos of Felixia featured by Eric was fumingly sexy. You can say that Felixia was at the prime of her sexy career.

At the time I'm penning this post, Eric Yong's Blogger Hottie are no longer there.

At one moment I dug through Felixia's work, posted in her Facebook photos. I could remember there was a photo which she lie on a bed, her abdomen facing down. All her curves were gorgeously presented. Like a great piece of art, portraying the geometry of a human body, I couldn't help but exclaim. That was one piece of Felixia's work that I remember the most.

The photo I've described above is no longer there.

To be honest, I envy those who get to meet Felixia in her pre-hijab days.

I've watched every one of her sexy videos on Youtube. Then, her Youtube channel was FelixiaAV. Haha, I remember it correctly! Those videos are history now. There was a striptease. There was a video of Felixia singing.

What I like was, Felixia actually made eye contact with viewers!

I miss the sexy version of Felixia. She was once our Playboy Bunny, known for a playful image. It stays in my heart forever. What is more, I have to remind you that without the sexy Felixia, there won't be the current Felixia.

Hijabbed Felixia

Maybe it was a coincidence. Felixia was thinking about learning to dress in the likes of Malay-Muslim. And what I did during that time? I knew not of Felixia's upcoming transformation but I had a unlikely stirring in my heart. What I am going to tell you sounds strange and unlikely. You may even laugh at me!

Before I continue, let me tell you my backstory of Muslim headscraves first! When I was a little boy in primary school, I had not met many Malays. Butsince secondary school, I had Malay teachers in large numbers, teaching me various subjects. That started my curiosity on their head dress.

During class I would secretly observe their headscraves and figure out what's underneath. I have even used the sunlight from the window to my advantage! Hahaha.

My secondary school lasted from 2002 till 2006. During those times the tudungs available was just square scraves. The inner scarves were thick and hideous. Styles were boring.

After I finished secondary school, I went for Edexcel A-level in HELP University College and stopped encountering hijabbed Malay girls.

Around March 2013, an ad from got me hooked. The model was so pretty! I was lured into the world of Muslimah fashion that I had no idea how vast it is.

So, a chance has finally come to fulfill my curiosity. There wasn't a good opportunity back then; and I was too embarrassed to discuss about my fascination with tudung during my teenage years. Slowly, I got my hands on hijab wearing tutorials on Youtube and Malay girls' blogs.

Headscraves are just simple piece of cloths, but when worn they adopt three dimensional shapes.Sounds a lot like a protein - a single polypeptide chain that folds into 3D shapes that enable them to function.

The tutorial videos are very engaging to watch if you have means of appreciating it. I have to admit this is a pretty good set up to look for pretty girls :P From the videos I learnt that Muslim fashion is no longer a boring thing. This category of fashion is evolving into a formidable industry driven by the rise of purchasing power among Muslim consumers worldwide.

By the time Felixia started donning hijab on a daily basis and chronicled her journey on Facebook, I had already learnt the new aesthetics to appreciate her new beauty! The hijabbed Felixia is more feminine and evokes a sense of respect. She has grown, but not on the kind of path we'd expected.

On another note, I know that whenever Islam is mentioned, it struck fear in the heart of most Malaysian Chinese people. That's not without reason - non-Muslims in the land had been mistreated here and then, as far as cases like body snatching and unilateral conversion is concerned. I can totally understand why netizens were leaving negative comments when Felixia started to follow Muslim fashion.

Heck, I was even struck by a pang of sadness while at work. I kept that to myself.

I talked to a few of my Facebook friends about this. One of them joked that this is my new [clothing] fetish. It's just a quirk. But, I identify with Felixia for having a quirk. She wears the dress; but I have the eyes to appreciate it!

Don't get me wrong. I am not interested to marry any Muslim girl.

Felixia Yeap is now a Muslim convert and adopted the name Raisyyah Rania Yeap, and I only got to meet her at that point. No matter what, she's still popularly known as Felixia and that name is here to stay. I am a fan when I started to know of her, and I am still with her now.

If I wanted to see sexy girls now, as Felixia has put it, there are plenty of that around.

She reiterated that she remains a Chinese and not masuk Melayu as many have speculated. However, this is a point I beg to differ. If you have followed her closely on Facebook, you'll notice that she consumes Malay food and surrounds herself with Malay people now. Her fandom has also been remodelled - I see more Malay fans commenting on her updates now. De facto, she has masuk Melayu. The current Felixia caters to Malay people rather than her fans of the past.

There is no turning back after conversion to Islam, I can only pray that her choice is a good one. Once again, I miss the old Felixia.


  1. You shouldn't say that "She masuk Melayu" Before this I have been to Guangzhou, China and met a lot of Chinese Muslim over there. Chinese womens are beautiful with Hijab and they are proud of it, Do I consider them "Masuk Arab", Hell No! Coz The Hijab is a symbol of modesty and faith in Islam.

  2. Good fan..looks like u still respect her..i notice one of her advantage is she got strong personality and have "falsafah diri"..u can see her good at talking on video, writing, and drawing too