Monday, December 8, 2014

Refreshment of #LUV from A Pink

I am here to say, I am a Pink Panda! My idol is rocking the stages of music shows KBS Music Bank, MBC Show! Music Core, SBS Inkigayo (The Music Trend) and some other big name shows that I regularly open up on Youtube. The girls have been on a winning streak on shows a few times thanks to the power of fans. Together with the rest of Pandas, we do our part to lift our idols up so that they can win big in the shows, and show lots and lots of love for them. Just like any other die hard fan, I am doing these for my idols with no question asked!

I am unlike casual fans of K-pop only listening to songs and at most, know the person or group singing it. I get to know the members of my favourite group in all level of details I can get and watch their personal side through variety shows. I explore their extend of vocal talent beyond the title tracks of their album. I can easily tell each member apart when the rest of the people remarked about A Pink members look the same to them.

The girls are entertaining us with their schedule of activities so let's support them with all our hearts okay?

First of all, while I was waiting for A Pink's new album and song to be released, child actress and new Inkigayo MC Kim Yoo Jung performed her special stage of Mr. Chu as her first thing to take over as emcee! I really like Mr. Chu as the last installment of A Pink and I eagerly waited for it. When it came out, I was mind blown with her performance! She pronounced each syllable of the lyric accurately. What's remarkable is A Pink was touched watching watching this performance of Yoo Jung. The performance proved that Yoo Jung studied the dance moves and gesture for Mr. Chu so much so that her effort didn't go unnoticed. I really enjoyed her show and gave my thumbs up for the most sincere performance of any kind.

I sort of know about the comeback showcase of A Pink but only learnt of the time 30 minutes after it went on live stream! By that time I was back in the postgraduate students' room after finishing lab work. So, I decided to stay on campus to watch A Pink's comeback showcase to its completion (it lasted for one hour and a half). I didn't mind the entire show was in Korean, but I am glad enough that being a fan is the common language of watching it. A Pink sung "Secret", which has something to do with past events in my life and showed us "LUV" exclusively to us fans before the MV was released. That kept me excited over the MV due soon.

I missed out on individual members' aegyo due to poor wireless connection on campus, and was relieved to rewatch the part in the recorded showcase.

This was a special stage of "Good Morning Baby" presented especially to Pink Pandas on MBC's Show Champion. It feels like having someone greeting you good morning with a song instead of mere words. Why Good Morning? The first few moments of a morning is intimate, what is more A Pink really hits it home with a "Good Morning Baby".

If you watch closely, their dance moves on the stage gesture waking up for the morning!

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