Saturday, December 27, 2014


Guys a few days to year 2015! Are you looking forward to it?

Now, let me talk about a minor accident I've met not long after starting my PhD course. Read on if you have the heart, and get your tissues ready!

Photo taken from here.

Story starts.

I would be attending a cell culture seminar (more like a product party) held by Fisher Scientific (link) at their office in Shah Alam. I headed down to University of Nottingham Malaysia campus to pick up my course mates, and off we go.

In no time, I was cruising along E18 Kajang SILK Expressway, on the stretch of Semenyih - Putrajaya link. I arrived at the built up area after Bukit Kajang toll with a speed of 80 km/h, that's the speed limit for the expressway.

On the road divider on my right, I spotted a dog popped up from the road divider. Another vehicle was cruising on the rightmost lane, its speed faster than me.

AND THE NEXT THING IS the dog jumped suddenly from the divider so the vehicle on my right hit it hard with NO MERCY. And the dog was thrown to my lane.

My course mates went into a frenzy so that I brake my car. But I was aware that there were vehicles behind me so it would be dangerous to bring my car to a stop. In a split second I decided to slow down my car a little. No point braking hard because it's just a stray dog.

I allowed the dog to pass under my car, letting a loud thud. Next, the dog was thrown to the lane on my left.

I looked up my rear mirror and that was my last sight of the dog. A lorry was about to hit it. The dog let out a scream in pain, and I assumed that it was no more.

All of us made it to Fisher Scientific office safely but I felt bad for making the hard choice in a split second. It's either I emergency brake and get my car sustain damage from behind or have the dog die but keeping my car unscathed.

The next day, I washed off the blood stains on my front number plate.

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