Tuesday, December 23, 2014

9 secrets of shopping in Low Yat Plaza

I am a person into computers and electronic gadgets so I love hanging out at Low Yat Plaza a lot. Sometimes, after work, I'll take a walk at Low Yat Plaza to check out what's the latest promotion going on and try out new gadgets. Whenever I wanna shop for electronics, the place to go is Low Yat Plaza.

Low Yat Plaza is Malaysia's largest ICT lifestyle mall - everyone should know that!

If you're not living in Kuala Lumpur like I do, you have Digital Mall in Petaling Jaya and KOMTAR in Penang Island are the places to go, they are the Low Yat Plaza of your area, so my tips apply to these places!

After I graduating from my degree I gave a shot of working at Viewnet Hyperstore in Low Yat. Based on my experience, I present you a few tips that’ll save you much headache shopping at ICT lifestyle malls!

Ask politely for discount
This is my Golden Tip when shopping for gadgets. If you take a product from the shelf and head straight to the cashier, you'll be charged the list price. In reality, you can buy stuff at a cheaper price! Prices can go lower than those stated in price lists. Here’s a little tip: you can ask sales assistant to give you discounts! Sales discounts can indeed be given if it's permissible. Just make sure you ask nicely with a smile.

Do your homework on what you need
Compatibility is the buzzword when it comes to buying technology products, because electronic equipments only work with appropriate accessories. Before you hit the shops, it’s good to know about the model number and specifications of your existing products, or if you’re clueless, present a photograph of your existing products. In most cases, a model number will suffice. There’s little salespeople can do when you can’t tell what your product model is.

When buying consumables such as ink cartridges and toners, it's best to give the model number of the cartridges or toners instead of printer models can save much searching time, and salespeople in the shops will appreciate it lots.

Once open, it’s considered sold
You may have noticed signs asking customers not to open the product packaging, and the shops have a good reason to do so. Careless opening of product packaging can lead to damage and affect sale of products because the packaging don't look good anymore. If you need help, you can always consult salespeople in the shop for a sample, or have the salesperson open the product for you (if possible).

Look at sales personnel’s outfit
Salespeople in Low Yat Plaza and similar places are divided into two types: sales assistants and promoters. Are they different? Of course they're different, & indeed both types of sales personnel are different. Sales assistants are employed by the shops and they are rewarded for sales of any products in the shop. Promoters’ usually wear T-shirts representing a brand and they’re employed by the brand to increase sales of the brand’s products. See the difference in their interests?

The next time you buy a gadget, know the difference between someone wearing a Viewnet (shop) uniform and another wearing Logitech (brand) T-shirt. Make your judgements on whose opinion carry more weight on you decision making.

Ask questions on product
It’s pretty self explanatory! Ask whatever question that comes to your mind before you buy. No question is a stupid question!

Ask for any warranty upgrades
Some shops provide warranty upgrades for select products. Warranty upgrades are worth it for an additional fee because it saves you so much time when you need it. Who knows, you need to claim warranty & the hassle is travelling. Benefits of warranty upgrades can range from walk in warranty (saving you from going to the brand's service centre) to 1 on 1 item exchange.

Large orders or special product not in stock, refer to senior staff
During my job, I’ve met business customers making large orders and enthusiasts looking for high end/collector’s item that are not in stock. If you need something, and there’s not enough stock to meet your needs, you can simply ask to be referred to senior staff of the shop who can tell you whether stocks will be immediately available.

Test product immediately
Nothing is more annoying than a product not working when you got home, right? After you paid for your product, it’s best to open the packaging and test the goods you’ve bought. If you have any issue, you can ask for an immediate replacement. Good shops have testing corner for you, so make good use of it!

Avoid buying from foreigners
There are stalls opened by foreign workers (particularly the Pakistanis) in Low Yat Plaza. My advice is avoid buying from them unless you know & trust them personally. Who knows if you need after sales service but the stalls are no longer there?

You have finshed reading my computer & gadget shopping tips in ICT malls! Do you find any of the tips useful?

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